Arian Foster Would Sign Liability Waiver To Play In NFL

Arian Foster would never sue the NFL for bad health

Houston Texans franchise running back Arian Foster says he would sign a liability waiver to play in the NFL. The surprising words come days after the league passed the crown-of-helmet rule.

If Arian Foster was given a choice, he would be willing to sign a liability waiver to continue playing in the NFL. He says football is a violent game, something he knew when he started playing. Because Foster knew what he was getting into, he would never sue the NFL if his health started to deteriorate after retirement.

The controversial crown-of-helmet rule is not aimed at running backs like Arian Foster. The rule gives a 15-yard penalty if an offensive player uses their helmet as a weapon outside of the tackle box.

Foster is much more of a finesse back than a power back. He trusts his agility to give him an advantage in open space than how big he is.

Still, Arian Foster sounded passionate about the crown-of-helmet rule when asked about it on the radio in New York: “The game’s a violent sport. Anything can happen. People get paralyzed; people get hurt — broken legs, broken everything. It’s just part of the game”

Rules like the crown-of-helmet rule are designed to keep players safe. Arian Foster says players know what they’re signing up for. He also hints the rule could be a way for the NFL to limit future lawsuits: “I don’t blame the NFL because it was my decision to partake in this game. … So I would never sue.”

Arian Foster is the first player to say he would sign a liability waiver to play in the NFL. He is also the first player to discuss the new crown-of-helmet rule’s possible legal implications. Not every running back would be as kind as Foster is about healthcare either. It’s an interesting and new point of view that could bring up a new discussion in the NFL.

Do you agree with Arian Foster? Should players sign liability waivers when entering the NFL? Should the NFL be responsible for a players health care after retirement?