Lauren Dascalo Hangs On A Chandelier In Tiny, Green String Bikini On Instagram

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Lauren Dascalo channeled some energy from pop singer Sia in a new post on Instagram over the weekend. In a photo on Lauren’s account, the bombshell hung on to a chandelier and referenced one of Sia’s tunes as she rocked a bright green string bikini that left very little to the imagination.

The dimly-lit photo showed Lauren standing on top of something off-camera to reach the white, dangling chandelier. In the background, a brown door and white walls could be seen. The room was mostly dark, except for a white light that poured over Lauren and created a shadow on the wall behind her. The model looked better than ever and her tan skin glowed in the neon two-piece, which did nothing but favors for her stuning backside.

Her look included a triangle-shaped top with green strings that traveled around her back and tied in a knot. Although she faced away from the camera, fans could still tell that the bikini just barely fit over her busty chest. Her sideboob was on full display, as well as some underboob.

Lauren’s flat, toned tummy was also exposed between the top and a matching, even tinier thong. The shape of the bottom showed that the front likely sat low on the model’s waist to show off even more of her abs. The sides came up high on her hips, which accentuated her hourglass figure. Her round booty stuck out towards the camera, as well as her long, lean legs.

The beauty did not appear to be wearing any accessories with her swimwear, but she did have on a full face of makeup. Her look included expertly contoured cheekbones, bright highlighter, brown eyeshadow, thick lashes, and a light pink color on her full lips. The model’s long, ashy blond hair fell down her back in luscious waves.

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Holding on for tonight

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Lauren stood with her back arched, which further showed off her figure. She lifted her arms and hooked her fingers on the chandelier above. With her head thrown back, the babe closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out.

The post garnered more than 27,000 likes and just over 300 comments in one day, proving to be a hit with her fans. Many of the model’s followers left praise for her flawless physique in the comments section.

“You are so hot, girlfriend,” fellow model Olivia Burns wrote.

“Ohhh mama be doing ALL THE SQUATS,” another user added with fire emoji.

“My god you might be perfect,” complimented a third follower.

Lauren had already turned up the heat to the max on her Instagram over the weekend when she posted a Valentine’s Day tribute. In that shot, the babe posed alongside fellow models Alexa Collins and Jessica Bartlett as they rocked skimpy lingerie in honor of the holiday.