‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jade Cline Speaks Out About Pregnancy Rumors After Hospital Visit

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Jade Cline is setting the record straight after rumors that she is pregnant with baby number two started circulating.

The latest rumors started after the Teen Mom 2 star announced she was in the hospital and not happy about it. Some fans commented asking her why she was in the hospital, speculating it had something to do with her possibly being pregnant. Jade immediately clarified her tweet to let her followers know that her hospital visit had nothing to do with a pregnancy.

“For 1- Deff not pregnant. Was there bc of swelling in my neck due to a salivary stone,” Jade tweeted early Monday morning.

Following her tweet, fans wished her well and let her know they hoped she would be feeling better soon.

Jade has been plagued by the pregnancy rumors since last week when she mentioned on social media that she was feeling sick. While she mentioned feeling like she was pregnant due to the illness, Jade quickly deleted the tweet and went on to clarify what she meant to Champion Daily.

“I’ve been sick so I’ve been having a lot of nausea. I wasn’t meaning it literally Everyone takes everything literally as f*ck. I meant like that consistent type of nausea like when you’re pregnant, but I’m sick as f*ck.”

Jade went on to admit that if she was pregnant, she would come right out and say it rather than hint at it.

It seems like Jade’s recent hospital visit may have been related to the illness she has been dealing with for the past week. It is cold and flu season, so it isn’t too hard to believe that the reality show star is simply suffering from an ailment rather than being pregnant. However, the girls from the show seem to always be dealing with pregnancy rumors.

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Me and daddy. Happy valentines day lover. ????????

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While Jade’s illness certainly contributed to the rumors, the fact that she and Sean Austin are back together and doing well may have also given them fuel. The Teen Mom 2 star admitted two weeks ago that Sean has reportedly turned his life around and is doing much better. She took to social media to gush over him, saying that he is “clean” and “living his best life.” Jade also said that Sean is an “awesome father” to the couple’s young daughter, Kloie.

For Valentine’s Day, she posted a sweet photo of her and Sean together that racked up over 25,000 likes from Jade’s followers.

While Jade and Sean may be back together, it doesn’t sound like they are getting ready to welcome baby number two any time soon.