‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin Confronts Lulu After Learning Helena Got Her ‘Dream Child’

Craig SjodinABC Press

This week’s General Hospital spoilers are mainly focused on the Wiley reveal. However, Monday will also have a few other storylines added in, including Valentin’s plight to be with his daughter, Charlotte. According to Soap Central, he will run into Lulu and the two will be hashing it out.

Their topic of discussion will, of course, be all about Charlotte. The previews for Monday’s episode show Valentin telling Lulu that they need to compromise when it comes to their daughter. He doesn’t appear to be angry, but that may only be for the moment. Lulu hasn’t wanted to compromise at all since Valentin was arrested. She is seeking full custody of Charlotte, despite him trying to be civil. Will she change her mind for Charlotte’s sake?

Charlotte is pretty much all that Valentin has left right now. After Helena’s reappearance last week, things have only gotten worse. Not only did he discover that he isn’t a Cassadine, he also found out that Charlotte was his mother’s ultimate dream child. She was conceived as a blood link between her and Luke Spencer. She delighted in telling her son the whole story from the grave.

Charlotte has recently been showing her evil side. She is angry that Nina didn’t marry her papa and that everything has been ruined. She appears to put the blame on Sasha since she was seen cutting up Sasha’s face on the Crimson cover. She may be more like her grandmother than anyone knows. She also messed with Franco’s drawing of Ava at Kelly’s. General Hospital fans wonder if this is just an angry and upset child or if she is turning into a little Helena Cassadine.

Valentin is also ready to buy Nelle’s ELQ shares to step right into the Quartermaine fold. He may be more determined than ever now so that he can make sure that Charlotte is provided for. Plus, he can gain more money and power in Port Charles.

He may be in for a fight when it comes to Lulu, though. She is likely not going to give in to his suggestion of reaching a compromise. She feels that it’s in her daughter’s best interest to keep her away from her father, but it seems like that is doing more harm than good at this point.

Valentin’s life has taken a dark turn, as spoilers had teased, and it may get worse before it gets better.