TBS Renews Cougar Town For A Fifth Season

Cougar Town

Cougar Town fans can now rejoice. The sitcom, which survived a network change for its season four, it being renewed by TBS. Cougar Town’s fifth season will be put into production and aired by TBS.

The Courteney Cox show, which got cancelled by ABC last season made the switch to TBS and it seems as though it’s helped for them. Proving to be a better fit, TBS announced that they plan to renew the show for a fifth season.

The group’s lead, Courteney Cox, was ecstatic via a tweet, writing: “So thrilled to say we’re coming back for Season 5!!!”

Cougar Town is a unique situation. Rarely does a show, especially a sitcom, bounce back from being cancelled, let alone get picked up by another network. Michael Wright, the president of the head of programming for TBS, TNT, and Turner Classic said in a statement during the conference:

“This season, the brilliant cast and immensely creative production team on Cougar Town have crafted their best episodes yet, and we couldn’t be happier inviting them back for more.”

Cougar Town, is a poorly titled show, that seems to be actually funny, about a group of friends who drink a lot of wine and complain about their problems. The cast is lead by Courteney Cox, and the ensemble includes Busy Philipps, Christa Miller, Dan Byrd, Josh Hopkins, Ian Gomez, and Brian Van Holt.

About the weird title, Courteney Cox said back in January:
“Some people got so turned off by that name, though, that we started talking about changing it in the hope of getting people to ask, “What? What’s ‘Cougar Town’?”

It would bring more awareness to the show, but people also could choose what they wanted it to be called. It got people to notice, but honestly, I don’t know that it gave us any more fans. I think the work has to speak for itself in the end.”

Are you happy about Cougar Town’s season five renewal?