WWE News: MVP Confirms New Backstage Role


Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported that former United States Champion MVP was backstage during the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. While his duties were unconfirmed at the time, it was believed that he was serving as a producer for the show. Since then, the former superstar has appeared on Booker T‘s Hall of Fame podcast, by the way of WrestleTalk, and shed some light on his new WWE role.

While the former United States Champion recently returned for the Royal Rumble and a singles match on the subsequent episode of Monday Night Raw, the 46-year-old has confirmed that he won’t be wrestling any time soon. However, he has left the door open to more television appearances, though that’s not a requirement for his new job with the company.

“Well, look, I’ll say this. I’m gonna go ahead, I’m gonna give you the scoop. Whether or not I’ll be seen on WWE television more has yet to be seen, because, you know, I don’t make those decisions. I would definitely make myself available for an on-screen role in some capacity. But I’ll be joining the team as a backstage producer, so, there’s your scoop.”

It remains to be seen whether MVP will be used in an on-air capacity. He found success in WWE during the mid-2000s as a result of his charisma, microphone skills, and storyline ability, so there are plenty of television roles that he’d excel in. For now, though, he’ll be working in the backstage area.

MVP is the latest veteran to return to the company in such a capacity. As The Inquisitr previously documented, Sylvain Grenier and Lance Storm were also hired recently following long stints away from the company. It seems like WWE wants to bring more experienced pros in to guide the current superstars, and talents who have experience working for the company in previous years are the ideal candidates.

However, MVP joining is quite surprising. Last month, the former United States Champion took to Instagram to announce that he was done with WWE but planned on wrestling for other promotions before he finally hung up his wrestling boots. While it’s still possible that he’ll wrestle for independent promotions, being on the road with WWE will undoubtedly take up most of his time.

However, during the interview with Booker T, he discussed the end of his in-ring days being “inevitable,” and he seems to be looking forward to the next chapter of his career.