Google Maps Adds Ski Trails Support For 100 New Ski Resort Locations

Google Maps for Ski Restort TrailsGoogle Maps for Ski Restort Trails

The team at Google Maps has expanded its ski runs for 100 additional ski resorts throughout North America.

The search giant on Monday announced that the new trail maps were added for 100 new resort locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Among some of the major resorts to receive the new trails support are Oregon’s Mt. Hood Meadows and Timberline Lodge resorts.

The update isn’t just for large scale ski resorts. Google also updated Google Maps with trails support for New York’s Hunter Maintain Ski Resort.

Just like ski slope maps in the past, the new Google Maps trails are marked by blue, green, and black lines to signify the difficulty of each slop. The maps also offer red dotted lines to show skiers and snowboarders where they can find ski lifts.

The last trails update was delivered by Google in November 2012. At the time of its last update, Google added 90 new resorts to its platform. Before that update, the company had indexed just 35 ski resorts and the trails they operate.

To date, Google Maps offers trails support for 225 different ski resorts.

Most trail support for Google Maps is located in North America; however, the company’s first batch of trails support did feature a few mountain ranges in Europe.

Users will likely be given access to further ski resorts since Google typically attempts to fully saturate all areas it focuses on.

The need to continually add new locations to Google Maps in important to the company. A recent test by PC Magazine found that Apple Maps’ actually provided better driving instructions versus Google under certain real world road conditions.

Do you think Google Maps should continually add new types of location information to its mapping software?