The Internet Is Stoked Over Mark Hamill's Beard

Mark Hamill has revealed a new image of himself outside the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, and the bushy beard he is sporting for the film has fans excited that one of their favorite Jedis may have entered Obi-Wan Kenobi territory.

guiness and hamill

Hamill posted a photo of himself outside of Pinewood Studios to Instagram, captioning it, "This is as close as Lava Bear got to the action (since he was barred from the set)." While it may be the first time that some fans have seen Hamill's beard, io9 reports that the actor revealed at the Guardians Of The Galaxy UK premiere that it was "contractually-obligated."

Hamill's photo immediately stoked fan speculation, with several comparing his beard to those sported by previous Jedi masters. "The Internet approves," The Mary Sue claimed, adding "the man's facial hair has the appropriate volume and mass to convey classic Jedi gravitas, entirely eclipsing Qui-Gon Jinn, nearly lapping Kenobi, and heading rapidly towards Gandalf territory."

The image of Hamill outside of the set seems to confirm that filming for Star Wars: Episode VII is set to resume later this month, as The Inquisitr reported. Following Harrison Ford's much-publicized injury, the production was forced to take a break in order for the actor to recover.Fans were so excited over Hamill's beard that a Facebook page was set up to celebrate the Jedi Master-like facial hair. With over 2,300 likes, the page features the image of Hamill set next to Sir Alec Guinness, the first actor to portray Ben Kenobi. It has been widely rumored that Hamill's character Luke Skywalker will take on a similar role to Kenobi's in the original Star Wars as a reclusive Jedi Master. Fans have speculated that Hamill's beard is further proof of this plot rumor.Although fans will have to wait until December 18th, 2015 to see Star Wars: Episode VII, Mark Hamill's Jedi beard will only continue to stoke their excitement.

[Image via HitFix]