Frida Aasen Stuns In Pink Bikini & Sits In The Ocean On Instagram

Mizuki Hisaka

Frida Aasen has been sharing lots of eye-catching professional pictures on her Instagram page lately where she's rocking a variety of dresses and chic outfits, but she mixed things up today with a new bikini snap from Kenya. The model was photographed sitting in shallow ocean waters for the eye-catching photo.

The blonde sat facing the camera and was caught in the middle of fixing her ponytail, with her elbows extended out to the sides. She looked down with her lips slightly parted and her legs partially submerged in the water. And although her hair looked dry, the rest of her figure was damp from the ocean.

The bikini that she wore was light pink with dark pink trim, and the cups were decorated with small fuzzy bobbles that added dimension to her look. Her matching bottoms had the same circular accents as well as side ties that rested low on her hips.

The stunner accessorized simply with earrings and a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses, keeping the focus on her ensemble and physique.

The photo was taken on a sunny day with puffy low-hanging clouds, and a beam of sunlight was captured extending from the top of the frame down to Frida's left elbow. The ocean waters looked white and foamy where she sat, although they had a turquoise blue hue further away along the horizon.

The composition of the photo left a lot of empty space above Frida, and the bright blue skies contrasted well against the light-colored ocean.

A couple of tags revealed the brands in her ensemble: the sunglasses were by Anine Bing, and the bikini was from Hanne Bloch, a Danish line.

"Tell us the secret for always looking good in a photo sis," wrote an admirer.

Others were distracted by the geotag and the picturesque setting.

"Sea looks amazing. Where in Kenya is that?" wondered a fan.

"Diani Beach? And will you go to masai mara? Magical place," asked a third social media user.

"Welcome to Kenya @frida_aasen enjoy your stay," expressed a supporter.

In addition, Frida shared another bikini pic on January 21, that time rocking a small black ensemble. The sensation posed outside against a blank wall and flaunted her tan bod as she placed her hand on her damp hair. Her tiny bikini top left her underboob peeking out, and her bottoms had extra-long side ties that fell down her thighs.