Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Lucas Starts Remembering More About The Accident

Nick AgroABC

The week of February 17 for General Hospital is one that has been in the making since September 2018, and spoilers tease that it’s going to be crazy. Brad and Nelle have known that baby “Wiley” is really Jonah Corinthos since the night Jonah was born. Now, it seems that those loved ones most impacted by this secret switch are about to learn the truth.

This baby swap saga has gone on for far longer than most fans have liked. General Hospital spoilers have signaled that the secret is about to explode, and a new teaser shared on the show’s Twitter page shows the lead-up to this.

Most of the clip is a great refresher for those who have been following this storyline since Jonah was born. Luckily, there are just enough new General Hospital spoilers to get people excited.

GH spoilers have promised that Lucas would continue to have flashbacks to the night of the accident, and now it appears that a key memory will return to him at quite an inopportune moment. As viewers have seen, Brad has quickly put together a plan to move to Oregon with Lucas and Wiley.

Brad is hoping that this move will keep Lucas from remembering the bombshell confession he dropped the night of the accident. Ultimately, it seems that his rushed plan to move will be the key to his heartbreaking secret emerging.

Based on the sneak peek and General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Lucas and his loved ones will come together during the upcoming week. It seems that this gathering will be a party to welcome Lucas home from his long stint at GH and Turning Woods. Given the circumstances, it may also be something of a farewell party as Lucas, Brad, and Wiley prepare to move to Oregon.

Bobbie and Carly will be seen making plans during Monday’s show, and it seems those plans will be for this party. During Tuesday’s episode, General Hospital spoilers tease that Lucas will struggle with more flashbacks.

In the new sneak peek, Lucas is seen sitting on the couch, surrounded by his closest friends and family members. He has another memory flash from the night of the accident, and he essentially freezes as he tries to make sense of what’s just come back to him.

Julian notices his son’s shift in demeanor and asks Lucas if he’s okay. Lucas says he’s remembering something from the night of the crash, and he stands and calls out Michael’s name.

Michael turns toward Lucas, and that’s where this big clip ends. The caption for the social media post says that Lucas remembers what Brad confessed before the accident, and it notes that it’s just a matter of time before Michael learns the truth.

Will Lucas blurt out what he has remembered right there, or will he wait to get Brad alone and confront him? Either way, General Hospital spoilers do suggest that those who will be most deeply impacted by this revelation will know within the next week or two.

General Hospital spoilers note that Carly will be worrying about what’s in the best interest of a baby. This could mean that she’ll struggle over what is best for Jonah, as reuniting him with Michael means ripping him away from Carly’s brother, Lucas, and the only home he’s known.

Additional General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicate that Michael will be in great spirits. On the other hand, Julian will face an intense confrontation with Sam.

It sounds as if Nelle will be unsuccessful in taking “Wiley” away as she’s been hoping, at least for now. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that this secret being exposed isn’t exactly the end of the drama.