Kathie Lee Gifford Delights Fans With Stunning Photo Of Her Daughter Cassidy Wearing A White Lace Dress

Treva Bowdoin

Kathie Lee Gifford kept the celebration of love going the day after Valentine's Day by sharing a photo of her gorgeous daughter and the blond beauty's fiancé.

On Saturday, the 66-year-old former host of The Today Show posted the stunning snapshot on her Instagram page. Kathie Lee's daughter, 26-year-old actress Cassidy Gifford, was pictured wearing a stunning white dress. The feminine frock was constructed of ivory lace fabric and featured a large floral motif. It had a low V-neckline, thin spaghetti straps, princess seams, and a raised waist. The skirt hit Cassidy below the knee, and it slightly flared out at the bottom. The dress flattered Cassidy's slender figure by giving her more of an hourglass shape.

Cassidy was wearing her long, blond hair styled in soft waves with a deep side part. Her beauty look included a light coat of mascara, a glossy natural lip, and shimmery highlighter. She also appeared to be wearing pale pink blush on the apples of her cheeks.

Cassidy had a glass of red wine in one hand, and her free arm was around her husband-to-be, Ben Wierda. Ben was wearing fitted, dark tan pants and a dark blue sweater over a checkered dress shirt. He had a cocktail in one hand, and his other hand was resting on Cassidy's shoulder.

Kathie Lee didn't reveal where the photo was taken. However, in the caption of her post, she wrote that she was celebrating a "special night showering these two with love."

"Gorgeous couple and she looks just like you," read one response to her post.

"She is so beautiful, looks just like her mom," another fan wrote.

Other fans congratulated Cassidy and Ben on their engagement and showered them with well wishes.

"Many blessings to the happy couple and a long and happy life together," read one remark.

"What a stunning couple, her dress is beautiful... can't wait to see her in her wedding gown. You must be so full of joy and love planning for your 'little girl's' wedding," wrote another supporter.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kathie Lee announced Cassidy and Ben's engagement last November. She said that the happy couple have known each other since they were 11 and 14, and she seemed beyond thrilled when she shared the news that Ben had popped the question.

Kathie Lee hasn't revealed when her daughter will walk down the aisle. However, on February 10, Cassidy shared a photo of herself and Ben on Instagram along with the caption "124 days." Many of her followers assumed that this was the number of days until the couple's wedding will take place.