February 15, 2020
WWE News: Otis Opens Up About Real Relationship With Mandy Rose, Reveals Nickname He Gave Her

Otis and Mandy Rose are currently enjoying a blossoming romance storyline with each other on WWE television, but their friendship is strong behind the scenes as well. During the latest episode of Corey Graves' After the Bell podcast, by the way of Wrestling Inc, Otis gave an out-of-character interview about the current object of his desire on Friday Night SmackDown, and he had nothing but nice things to say about her.

According to Otis, Rose has helped him open up around women he finds attractive, and revealed that she's a lot of fun to be around because of her sense of humor.

"I'd be a little nervous [around women] and not talk normally without stuttering. So nowadays you get a little more confidence as you get older. It's Mandy. She's awesome. She grew up with brothers. The fans ask me, 'How's she behind the curtain?' I say she's awesome. She jokes around, you know?"
The Heavy Machinery member also recalled how he used to imitate comedian Chris Farley at the WWE Performance Center by describing Rose as his "peach" and Sonya Deville as his "plum." Furthermore, the staff found it so funny that head coach Sara Amato told him everyone should be given a fruit-related nickname.
The superstar also revealed how he pretended to be Rose's boyfriend by commenting on her social media posts. However, this resulted in people on the internet believing they were a couple, which is perhaps why WWE created the current storyline between the pair in the first place.

"It was just kind of a thing I was goofing around with. Finally got it going on in the WWE world. She's awesome to work with too, man. It's basically working for free."

The storyline between Otis and Rose has also captured the heart of the WWE Universe. Otis' goofy nature makes him the perfect underdog babyface, and the fans are rooting for him to end up with Rose, whom his fellow superstars -- namely Dolph Ziggler -- believe is out of his league.

On the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Otis was left heartbroken after he caught Rose on a date with Ziggler. "The Showoff" showed up before her planned dinner with Otis, which led Rose to believe she'd been stood up by her biggest admirer. However, this will likely lead to a feud between Otis and Ziggler that should make for some entertaining television in the coming weeks.