‘Bachelor’ Star Victoria Fuller Apologizes For ‘White Lives Matter’ Modeling Scandal

Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller go on a date on The Bachelor
Francisco Roman / ABC

Rarely does a season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette pass without one contestant’s past coming back to haunt them. That’s what happened on Peter Weber’s season with one of his final four women. It was revealed after Season 24 began airing that Victoria Fuller had modeled for what appeared to be a White Lives Matter campaign, but it was eventually revealed to be for a company called We Love Marlins. We Love Marlins played off the White Lives Matter campaign in their clothing designs, so there was nothing innocent about the marketing. Victoria’s controversial modeling choices caused Cosmopolitan magazine to pull back on an obligation to publish photos of her and Peter together once they found out about the WLM photos.

Now that some time has passed, Victoria has taken to her Instagram story to publicly apologize for the We Love Marlins photo shoot, according to TMZ.

“I would like to sincerely apologize for my involvement with We Love Marlins. My intention was only to support an endangered species. I want to say that I unequivocally reject the beliefs of the white lives matter movement or any propaganda that supports racism of any kind,” the reality star wrote.

“I would like to specifically apologize to people of color that are affected by racism daily. It was never my intention to add fuel to the racial fire in this country.”

Victoria continued by admitting this has been a learning experience for her and she would like to be a voice against racism.

“I hope I can be shown grace as I navigate through this process,” she concluded.

Victoria’s apology on her Instagram story meant there was no chance for viewers of the show to comment on the matter.

Peter spoke out about Victoria’s photo shoot last week, noting that he did not condone the photo shoot and spoke to his contestant’s character. The Bachelor himself didn’t want to say too much about the matter, claiming he didn’t know too many facts about the situation. Instead, he said Victoria had some “endearing qualities” and he enjoyed the time he got to spend with her during their time on the show.

For now, viewers will have to wait and see if Victoria’s photo shoot for We Love Marlins will be brought up on either the “Women Tell All Special” (given she is not one of the final two) or during the finale if she is one of the final two women vying for Peter’s heart.