Hungarian Fitness Model Anita Herbert Shows Off Enviable Abs In Mismatched Bikini At The Beach

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Anita Herbert shared a new update to her Instagram account to discuss her strategy for staying fit and healthy while on vacation.

On Saturday, February 15, the Hungarian fitness model took to the popular social media platform to post a sizzling snapshot of herself in a bikini that showed off her insane physique to her 2.2 million Instagram followers, and they are loving it.

In her caption, the brunette bombshell shared that her secret is intermittent fasting, an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. Herbert explained that this strategy makes traveling a lot easier because it requires making fewer stops for food. Herbert went on to say that not eating throughout the day when on vacation allows her to enjoy a big meal at a local restaurant.

In the photo, Herbert stood on a grassy patch on a beach. The white sands and bright blue ocean filled the background, along with a few straw roof beach huts. The model posed for the picture at Valley Church Beach in Antigua and Barbuda, according to the geotag she added to her post.

Herbert rocked a mismatched two-piece bathing suit. On her upper body, the model wore a bright red bikini top that featured two set of straps that wrapped around her midsection. The strapless top boasted two squares that left a large cutout in the middle, teasing quite a bit of her cleavage.

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My secret ???? to staying in shape on vacay... . I used think it was absolutely impossible. . Until I tried INTERMITTENT FASTING (=IF)???? It makes traveling (& busy work schedules) so much easier for me . Why? . When I’m on vacay I always try to wake up fairly early to have all day to explore ???????? . (????those who aren't familiar: Intermittent fasting (=IF) is NOT a diet, its more of an eating strategy, when you incorporate fasting periods into your eating schedule. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to change WHAT you eat, as much as it has to do with WHEN you eat! (time restricted feeding) . With IF, I can just skip breakfast and hit the road ???? without having to worry about where & what to eat . TIME ⏰ + CALORIES ???? + MONEY???? saved at once!???? . What a deal right?! . I either break my fast with a smaller meal or with a protein shake if I’m on the go ???? As Hubby & I love to try all the good local restaurants for late lunch or dinner???? so I rather save up all my calories & money for that???? . My current favorite is the chocolate ???? vegan ???? protein by @onesthealth ???? . Plus another advantage, probably the MOST IMPORTANT for me, is that I don’t get those crazy hunger pains (I’m coming from a competition background, I used to eat 6 teeny tiny meals a day and all I could think of ALL DAY was when my next meal was gonna be! LITERALLY???? (*not even joking here) . So for me being able to free myself of those crazy hunger waves was worth EVERYTHING???? It really made me miserable not only when I was traveling, but in my everyday life as well. I can get very cranky when #HANGRY . PS: I’m working on putting together an educational ebook for those in the same shoes ???? and have trouble controlling their cravings/hungers. . Im going to share how I switched from 6 meals a day to 2-3 meals a day, what the main benefits are, how long you should fast for, what I drink during my fast, what I eat in my feeding window, what are the most common mistakes people make etc . A complete educational guide that will include my personal experience. . Has anyone tried Intermittent Fasting?????????‍♀️ . If so what’s your experience? Share it with me????

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Herbert teamed her bikini top with a pair of black string bottoms with thin straps that tied up on her sides. The bottoms sat high on her waist, accentuating the contrast between her wide hips and slender midsection. The fitness model did not share where her bathing suit is from.

Herbert accessorized her look with a black cap with the words “Fit Queen” printed in white across the front. As those who follow the model know, FitQueen is her fitness brand.

The photo proved to be a hit with her followers. In just a few hours, the photo has garnered more than 16,800 likes and upwards of 290 comments. Users of the social media app flocked to the comments section to praise Herbert’s physique, and also to engage with her caption.

“Love that bikini top!” one user raved, trailing the words with a red heart emoji.

“Perfect body,” replied another fan, also including a red heart at the end of the comment.

“I have done IF, I love it,” a third user chimed in, ending the message with an emoji of a smiley with three hearts.