February 15, 2020
Lizzo Talks About Double Standards In Body Shaming, Says Men Aren't Shamed About Their 'D*ck Size'

Lizzo spoke out about body shaming yet again in a new interview with Brazil's TV Folha, reports Page Six. The singer discussed what it was like for her to regularly receive criticism about her size and appearance and countered that it wasn't fair men don't receive the same kind of shade thrown at them for things like their "d*ck size."

The singer was asked about not being "conventionally beautiful" and tried to dissect the root of the problem. In her opinion, the reason the body-shaming is so harmful all comes back to double standards.

"Get it together, we don't talk about your d*ck sizes, do we? Like, 'that's not a conventional d*ck size, it's too small.' We still let ya'll a**es run all over the godd*mn place."
Some folks on social media were quick to point out that Lizzo's statement wasn't entirely true but that they agreed with her overall sentiment about the harmful effects of body shaming. Some women on social media openly admitted to discussing male body types with their friends. Others weren't sure that Lizzo's comparison made much sense. However, the majority of her fans felt that the singer was right about her other remarks. Many of her supporters came to her defense against the naysayers on Twitter.

"Unfortunately people do shame our dick sizes @lizzo That doesn't justify body shaming women though. We shouldn't body shame anyone," tweeted one Twitter user.

Earlier in the interview, she discussed how harmful it is that women are "always going to be criticized for existing in their bodies." She discussed the politicization of women's bodies, particularly women who are considered overweight. The "Truth Hurts" singer said that she was inspired by many of the women who came before her who also suffered from "misogyny and marginalization" from the press and the general public.

"Things that were beautiful on them were called flaws, and they persisted against that, fought against that, and now I'm able to do what I do because of those great women," said Lizzo.

Luckily for her fans, Lizzo doesn't let the haters get her down. The Inquisitr recently reported that the singer was photographed in a red string bikini that flaunted all of her curves while vacationing in Rio de Janeiro last week. Lizzo wasn't shy about exposing her cleavage and her enviable thighs. She shared the sexy snaps of herself on her Instagram account. Her post earned over 1,200,000 likes and more than 21,000 comments.