WWE News: Mandy Rose And Sonya Deville Pose For Bikini Photo Shoot


WWE superstars Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville team together as Fire and Desire on Friday Night SmackDown, but outside of the ring, they have their own channel — one that follows the two superstars as they try donuts at various eateries around the world. On the latest episode of their YouTube series, they gave their fans a special Valentine’s Day surprise by uploading some behind-the-scenes footage from a recent bikini photo shoot.

In the snaps — which were taken by photographer Lee LHGFX — the duo are posing in an assortment of bikinis on a beach in Malibu, California. According to Deville, the temperature was “freezing,” but that didn’t stop them from sticking around for the entire duration of the shoot.

The duo posed for shots in a variety of locations around the beach. Deville was up first, sporting a light green bikini in front of a wooden fence. Afterwards, she moved to an area surrounded by trees, which Rose compared to being “in the jungle.” Later on, she changed into a yellow swimsuit and posed for more snaps in the sand.

Rose, meanwhile, wore a red bikini while posing among the trees, and light blue attire when she took to the beach. Rose also appeared to be doing most of the filming on her phone, serving as the video’s narrator for the most part.

In between takes, Deville wore a black poncho and Rose wore a jacket as they tried to contend with the chill in the air. However, the cold didn’t stop them from going scuba diving in the nearby ocean after the shoot was over.

The video also featured a beautiful shot of the sun setting over the ocean as the day drew to a close, which the Friday Night SmackDown superstars appeared to appreciate. Even though it was a cold day, the duo seemed to enjoy the scenery around them, and the cold didn’t appear to affect them too much.

While the blue brand team hosts their own successful YouTube series outside of WWE, Rose has been a major focal point of Friday Night SmackDown storylines recently. She is currently involved in a popular romance angle with Heavy Machinery’s Otis, one which has seen the pair’s budding affection bloom.

As evidenced by the polarizing affair storyline involving Bobby Lashley, Lana, Liv Morgan, and Rusev, romance storytelling is sometimes met with derision by the WWE Universe. However, this one appears to have struck a chord with fans.