‘Bachelor’ Contestant Mykenna Dorn Responds To Her Embarrassing Facial Expressions Being Featured on ‘Ellen’

Ellen DeGeneres got a kick out of 'Bachelor' contestant Mykenna Dorn's strange facial expressions throughout the show.

Mykenna Dorn makes a face.
Eric McCandless / ABC Press

Ellen DeGeneres got a kick out of 'Bachelor' contestant Mykenna Dorn's strange facial expressions throughout the show.

Mykenna Dorn, a 22-year-old Bachelor contestant, had a rough go of things this season. Not only did she not find lasting love with Peter Weber and get sent home, but she’s been the brunt of quite a few jokes on social media because of her strange facial expressions. Most recently, Ellen DeGeneres got a kick out of showing some clips of Dorn on the show sticking out her tongue, as Narcity reported.

DeGeneres brought up Dorn during her February 13 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She started by saying that it was Dorn in particular that distracted her throughout the episode due to her odd facial expressions. She proceeded to play a clip of a dramatic scene from the show in which Dorn makes strange circles with her tongue.

“There’s a lot of kissing on ‘The Bachelor.’ I was very distracted by one of the women on the show. Just watch her mouth. It’s like she’s trying to get broccoli out of her teeth but there’s no broccoli,” DeGeneres said with a laugh, her audience chuckling along with her.

While most would find being featured on DeGeneres’ show this way a bit on the embarrassing side, Dorn had a good sense of humor about it and was simply overjoyed that she was included as part of Ellen’s show at all, even if she didn’t get to appear in person. She responded to the clip in her own Instagram post.

“Not what I had imagined myself being featured on @theellenshow for but I’ll take it!! I mean I made THE ELLEN DEGENERES LAUGH!!!Is this real life?!?” she wrote in the caption.

This isn’t the first time Dorn has responded to jokes made at her expense in recent weeks. She went completely viral for her strange expressions as well as the controversial self-love speech she gave after being sent home. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she took to Instagram after being booted from The Bachelor to reflect upon the journey. She emphasized that she has no regrets and that she has come to terms with the fact that her time on the show simply didn’t go as planned. Nevertheless, she claimed to have discovered a newfound love of herself throughout the process.

“Don’t you EVER feel like you need to silence yourself nor feel ashamed of who you are,” she wrote, including the hashtag “#imakeweirdfaces.”

Despite allegations made against her on social media, Dorn has confirmed that she was not on any sort of drugs while on the show but that she was drunk on occasion.