Fitness Model Demi Bagby Rocks A Cheeky Black Bikini And Does A Dozen Back Handsprings

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Fitness model Demi Bagby stunned her fans with a wet and wild tumbling routine, which she performed while wearing a bikini.

On Wednesday, the 19-year-old social media sensation showed off her awe-inspiring skills in a new Instagram video. Demi was rocking a black two-piece that included a triangle top. The garment had thin shoulder straps that crisscrossed on the back. Her bottoms featured a cheeky back that put her muscular derriere on full display. What she did while wearing the swimsuit definitely put the garment’s staying power to the test.

The energetic athlete’s video was filmed on a busy beach. Demi’s long, brunette hair was already wet as if she’d taken a swim, and she was about to end up right back in the sea. She began by standing in damp sand near the water’s edge. Demi then proceeded to do a back flip into a front split. She quickly moved her back leg forward so that both legs were straight out in front of her. To get off the ground, she performed a ninja-like kip-up. To do this acrobatic move, she placed both hands on the ground beside her head and pushed up, pulling her legs back and thrusting them forward to create enough momentum to get up on her feet.

Demi then sprinted a short distance before doing a roundoff, followed by a dozen back handsprings. As she arched her body and flipped backwards over and over again, she kept getting closer to the water. She performed a few handsprings in the shallow swash before hitting a wave that forced her to stop. Demi ended up laughing and sitting on her backside as a series of waves kept crashing into her. The moving water made it difficult for the obviously exhausted tumbler to get back up.

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Demi used a geotag to identify the location of her video as South Beach, Miami.

As of this writing, the fit phenom’s 2 million Instagram followers have rewarded her display of athleticism and endurance with over 153,000 likes.

“Flippin adorable!!” read one response to her post.

“You are like a real life power ranger,” another admirer remarked.

According to Men’s Health, Demi’s tumbling skills are self-taught, and they helped the petite powerhouse earn a spot on a competitive cheerleading squad when she was younger. Unfortunately, she broke her back while doing a basket toss. Instead of giving up tumbling, she worked hard to get back in shape after she recovered from her devastating injury. Demi began doing CrossFit and a variety of other athletic activities, including parkour, surfing, and skateboarding. She often shows off her various skills on her popular Instagram page.

Demi’s fitness-focused account has even attracted the attention of a few famous faces, including Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the former gymnast and her husband, former NFL player Andrew East, attempted Demi’s “stand up challenge” last month during a visit to the beach.