Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Share A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Their 'Nobody But You' Music Video

Treva Bowdoin

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton gave their fans a sweet treat on Valentine's Day. It wasn't edible, but the video that Blake shared on his YouTube page was a visual feast.

The video was a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the couple's music video for their romantic duet, "Nobody But You." It began with sped-up footage of the video's set being built, including the misty wood mainly featured in the opening scenes.

Gwen and Blake were filmed getting miked up to provide their commentary on the making of the music video. Gwen was wearing the colorful striped T-shirt that she rocks in the couch scene with Blake and his hound dog Betty. Blake jokingly told a production assistant named Dave to take it "easy" while touching his girlfriend's top.

Gwen and Blake tried to describe the idea behind the "Nobody But You" video, which was directed by Sophie Muller. However, they had a hard time succinctly explaining Sophie's vision.

"There is no concept. This is literally just Sophie Muller being Sophie Muller," Gwen said. "Like, 'Oh! I have an idea. Let's do this, this, this, this.' And then we're like, 'Okay.'"

"I mean, right?" Gwen added as she looked at Blake. "There's not really a strong, like⁠—"

"There's no point to this video, okay?" Blake cut in. "But it's a cool song."

The couple later talked about the different sets that were featured in the video. They included a Dairy Queen setup and a stage scene that showed the lovebirds singing the song to each other. Life imitated art when Gwen and Blake performed "Nobody But You" together live for the first time onstage at the Grammy Awards.

The video also included a few shots of Gwen and Blake inside a pickup truck. Blake said that the vehicle belonged to him, and one of the scenes it was used for was supposed to depict a "romantic drive through downtown Los Angeles."

Blake revealed one of the small changes he was instructed to make while filming a solo close-up shot. Using a dose of his signature self-deprecating humor, he explained why he was told to lean down and lift his chin up.

"It kind of eliminates the pelican effect," Blake said as he pointed at his neck.

He also referenced the old saying that the camera adds 10 pounds, noting that there were "several" cameras fixed on him during filming.

Gwen gave fans a closer look at her wardrobe in the video. She held up one of the checkered skate shoes from the couch scene, revealing that Blake's smiling face had been printed on it. She also talked about how "Nobody But You" wasn't initially a duet, but she and Blake both decided that she needed to be included in the song. According to Gwen, they came to this conclusion at the exact same time while working out at the gym.

Fans also got a small taste of Blake singing Gwen's song "Misery" while his girlfriend was talking about how much she loves "Nobody But You."

"And it's just such a beautiful addicting song," she said. "You're addicted to it instantly."

You can check out the behind-the-scenes video below.