Ukrainian ‘Playboy’ Model Elena Romanova Flaunts Assets In Skimpy Lingerie On Instagram

Elena Romanova clicks a selfie
Elena Romanova / Instagram

Ukrainian Playboy model Elena Romanova, who is famous for her skin-baring pics on social media, recently took to her Instagram page and stopped her 1.2 million followers in their tracks with a hot lingerie snapshot.

In the snap, the hottie could be seen rocking a nude-colored lingerie set that allowed her to show off her amazing body, particularly a glimpse of her perky breasts and her taut stomach. To complement her risque lingerie set, the stunner opted for a full face of makeup.

The application included an ivory foundation, a tinge of nude blusher, a nude-pink shade of lipstick, multi-colored eyeshadow, a thick coat of mascara and defined eyebrows. She straightened her blond tresses and wore them down, allowing strands of hair to fall freely over her shoulders and ample bosom. To keep it simple, the model ditched accessories.

For the picture, she stood in a nondescript location, held her garter belt, lifted her chin, looked straight into the camera and parted her lips.

The stunner, who is a WBFF pro model, included a long caption with her picture in which she thanked her fans for showing love and support for her on a daily basis. The model wrote that people who feel the emotions of love are blessed.

“Don’t let this material world change your pure hearts. Love isn’t about possessing another person or putting your happiness into someone else’s hands. Love is a state of being, love is about giving. Loving hearts always give freely,” the model stated.

The hottie added that she was teary-eyed while writing the caption. In the end, she also tagged the Los Angeles-based photography studio Moezart in the post to give credit.

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❤️ I Love You ❤️ Thank you for showing love to me on the daily ???? I appreciate all the support you give me and my page. Hope all of you are loved and supported ???? I’m sending you lots & lots of love ???????????? Blessed are those who are able to feel loving emotions, those who radiate love with their whole being. You’re a rare kind ???? Please don’t change! Don’t let this material world change your pure hearts ???? Love isn’t about possessing another person or putting your happiness into someone else’s hands. Love is a state of being, love is about giving. Loving hearts always give freely. They don’t manipulate or corrupt to satisfy the ego. Ego doesn’t exist where love rules. Love isn’t chemicals in your body that make you want ( to pocess ) another person, that’s lust. So often confused for love. Love is freeing, it’s nurturing, it’s healing. Love is brave. Love isn’t about making another person depend on you. Love always gives more than takes. Those who feel love in their hearts are truly blessed. I have tears in my eyes right now because I really hope that every single one of you will experience love like this in their hearts. Open your heart towards yourself first. Love yourself truly and apologetically no matter what this world tells you you need to be in order to be loved. Because one day a kind soul with a pure heart full of love will come into your life and you will know WHY you didn’t let this cruel world change you. You will know why you were born they way you are. All pieces of the puzzle will come together and you will see the BIG PICTURE. Those who live in 3D don’t see the 5D world. Just because you’ve encountered souls that live in 3D your whole life, don’t doubt your existence and your heart’s truth. I promise, someday your hope will turn into FAITH. I Love You. You are LOVE and you deserve to be loved just the way you are ❤️ ______________________________________________________________“Perfect” “In my mind, in my soul I am yours, I'll be yours When you hold me like that, all these feelings come back Evaluate, examine me So much more than flesh and bone Buried insecurities You somehow remove them all” You’re perfect ????❣️ I love you ???? by @moezart

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Within six hours of going live, the snap amassed more than 11,000 likes and 320-plus comments in which fans and followers not only praised Elena for her amazing figure and beautiful facial features but they also appreciated her for writing such meaningful words in the caption.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, goddess,” one of her ardent admirers commented on the picture.

“Thank you for sharing! Beautiful words! Beautiful babe!” another user chimed in.

“How can you even be real? I think you’re an alien robot [because] you’re so perfect. Happy Valentine’s Day, Aphrodite!” a third fan remarked.

Other fans used words and phrases like “true perfection,” “stunner,” and “queen” to express their admiration for the blond bombshell.

Apart from her fans, many models also liked and commented on the picture. These included Gia Macool, Nara Ford, and Alicia Marie, among others.