Niece Waidhofer Gives Her Fans A Sexy Valentine's Day Gift By Flashing Her Chest & Her Booty In A New Pic

Madison Lennon

Niece Waidhofer gave her 1.3 million followers the perfect Valentine's Day gift by posting a sexy snap of herself wearing half a T-shirt and a thong to her Instagram on Friday night. The brunette model is famous for showing off her enviable curves and flashing breasts and voluptuous booty to her many admirers, much to their delight. She's been sharing lots of revealing pics as of late, so it's not surprising that she would celebrate the day of romance by giving her fans something to drool over.

As for her outfit, Niece used a pair of scissors to cut-up the "only red shirt" she could find in her house. According to the beauty, it came from a former youth pastor uncle who she jokingly said was "trying to sneak my instahoe a** into heaven somehow." Fittingly, with her silly caption, Niece stuck out her tongue and made a playful expression at the camera.

The stunner sliced up the shirt to create her DIY crop top, which barely covered her ample breasts. She lifted the jagged hemline to show off even more of her underboob than was already visible. The part of the tee she planned to discard was seen in the background of the photo, hanging over the side of her bathtub. Not only did Niece flaunt her busty chest, but she perched on top of her bathroom sink and angled her iPhone camera toward the mirror so the reflection would capture her curvy rear end. Her black undies did little to hide her behind from view.

To complete her look, Niece applied heavy smoky eye makeup and sculpted her perfectly arched eyebrows. She also pulled her long dark hair into a messy high ponytail.

Within an hour of going live, Niece's post accumulated over 27,000 likes from fans who were thrilled with the model's Valentine's Day gift. Fans flocked to her comments section to shower her in compliments and express their gratitude for the pic.

"Lmfao you're [sic] hilarious ass is welcome in hell," joked one user.

"Booty shape like a heart shape box of chocolate," wrote another admirer.

"You are absolutely the most beautiful woman on Instagram," raved a third contributor.

"You're the freakin bees knees, Happy VD," added a fourth person.