February 14, 2020
Watch Paul George Throw Down Racks Of Hundred Dollar Bills In Bowling Alley Bet That Upset Some Fans

Paul George has had a tumultuous season with the Los Angeles Clippers as the forward has struggled to stay on the floor. A recent viral video shows the NBA star throwing stacks of money on the ground while at a bowling alley with friends. This has sparked outrage from some fans who question his inconsistent play.

The video, which was shared by Bleacher Report's Twitter account, opens with a shot of money on the ground in the bowling alley along with a caption implying the cash belongs to George.

"My cheese!" he wrote in bold white letters.

As the camera pans over, the viewer can see multiple small stacks of hundred dollar bills formed with people off-camera continuing to add to the collection. The Clippers star adds more cash to one of the piles and the group can be heard agreeing on the amount.

"All that. All that," they say in unison.

After squaring up the money, George turns and squares his body with the lane while holding his bowling ball. The 6-foot-8 forward releases the ball and squats as it rolls down the lane veering right before splitting left and delivering a perfect strike. Shouting in excitement, the six-time All-Star lunges back toward the piles of money and begins to sweep and gather them up.

The seemingly harmless video of a wealthy athlete making a bet with his friends has over 460,000 views on the Bleacher Report post, and has attracted some negative attention from Clippers fans.

This started making the rounds the same night the Clippers lost to the Philadelphia 76ers in a nationally televised game. Fans were quick to mention that George only managed 11 points, even though he played over 35 minutes, per NBA Stats.

"He shot 3-15 yesterday and instead of getting shots up this mf is bowling," one upset Twitter user wrote.

Another accused him of lacking true star qualities.

"After putting up 11 points. This man is not a superstar," they wrote.

This response was countered by somebody mentioning how James Harden spends his down time.

"Harden went to the strip club after putting up 10 points in an elimination game," they replied.

One person said that George's soft-spoken teammate, Kawhi Leonard, was likely engaging in a boring activity while the video was taken.

"Kawhi is probably at home reading a book," the fan wrote.

Late last month, another video starring a Clippers All-Star tossing money around went viral. This one featured Leonard, and he was not "at home reading a book."

The video showed the two-time NBA Finals MVP at a strip club in Atlanta as women danced around him.