February 14, 2020
Lindsey Pelas Hits The Gym In An Orange Sports Bra & Leggings

Lindsey Pelas is back to the workout grind after taking some time off from the gym due to the flu.

On Friday, February 14, the blond bombshell posted a series of exercise videos on her Instagram story. She wore deep orange workout gear that showcased her toned physique. She wore a pumpkin-colored sports bra that was seriously revealing, and flaunted her deep cleavage. She paired the bra with matching skintight leggings that showed off her every curve.

In the first video, Lindsey worked out her core on a machine designed to strengthen her abs and legs. As she lie down, she pushed her stomach up against a belt, which in turn, pushed a barbell up as well.

The Louisiana-born model worked out hard during this exercise — so much so that it showed on her face, which she quickly blocked by using an emoji of a girl with blue eyes and a blond ponytail.

"The face I'm making is truly more painful to experience than this exercise," she captioned the video.

In her next routine, Lindsey bent forward, holding small weights attached to a machine that held bigger weights. As she pulled down, she worked out her arms intensely. Fortunately for viewers, she didn't cover her face during this exercise.

In the third video, Lindsey panned the camera over her outfit, showing off her workout ensemble and fit body. She rubbed her hand over her bare face, and seemed tired after her hard workout. She puckered her lips as her blond ponytail swung from side-to-side.

"I'm ready for Valentine's night and makeup," she wrote.

The model wasn't done with her workout, however, and got right back to it in the next clip. She bent down again and again, squatting in multiple reps while she held weights. The video was taken from the back, which showed off her curvy derriere. In this video clip, viewers could see that Lindsey wore black-and-gray sneakers with her exercise gear.

On Thursday, February 13, Lindsey made her gym comeback after her illness, excitedly sharing on her Instagram story the huge endorphin high she was experiencing after her workout.

She revealed that even though she didn't want to run, and certainly didn't plan to, she's so glad she pushed through and did it.

"I ran, and I wasn't running fast, but I ran the whole time," she excitedly told the camera. "And I put in work. And I feel so good."

In addition to the all-natural high she was experiencing, Lindsey revealed that she's also been eating healthier by cooking at home and eating more organic food.