‘Battlefield 4’ Poster Leaks Fall 2013 Release Date

Battlefield 4 poster teases fall releas

Battlefield 4teasers are coming fast and furious now with the latest being a poster which apparently teases an Autumn, 2013 release.

The poster is part of an EB Games advertisement that has the same kind of artwork as the picture that leaked last week. On the poster the line “available Fall 2013” can clearly be seen.

The release date was not the only thing that was teased with the shots of this particular poster. If these pictures can be believed, people who pre-order the game will also get themselves a set of lifelike dogtags along with their copy.

Battlefield 4 is going to be officially announced and unveiled on March 27 so it would make sense that there are more and more tidbits getting out to the general public in the days leading up to the reveal.

That can also mean that there are people out there who are doing an intentional misdirect just to amuse themselves. Until the company officially shows off the artwork and gives a few more details all of this is mostly speculation.

Even more speculation is what kind of things will be included in the gameplay. This particular speculation is being fueled by the game’s makers for certain as they are releasing small teaser videos that seem to hint at what will be in the game.

There have been teaser videos released that hint at both land and sea battles. The third teaser trailer appears to hint at air battles as the 20 second video eventually shows off the spinning rotors of a helicopter.

EA and DICE are certainly slow playing this the right way. They are building up plenty of excitement and anticipation when they finally do show off everything on Wednesday.

The two companies have managed to keep us all guessing so far.

Are you excited about the prospect of Battlefield 4 arriving this fall?