February 14, 2020
Gayle King Officially Accepts Snoop Dogg's Apology, Admits She Mishandled Kobe Bryant Questions

Snoop Dogg posted an apology to Gayle King for his initial reaction video to her questions about Kobe Bryant's sexual assault case, and now, the reporter has released a statement acknowledging that she accepts the rapper's apology. King admits that her inquiries could have been more tactful, but insists she did not aim to upset anybody.

The CBS reporter has been the subject of severe backlash after asking about Bryant's "complicated legacy." Earlier this week, Snoop Dogg released a video apologizing to the 65-year-old for making comments some interpreted as threats. He denounced her line of questioning with WNBA legend Lisa Leslie but received his own criticism when people thought he crossed the line.

King saw the rapper's apology and opted to forgo posting online. The CBS This Morning host has not posted on social media since she released a video on February 6, addressing the viral clip of her interview with Leslie.

Instead, she gave a statement to the Associated Press saying she realizes that emotions had been running high for all those mourning the loss of Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and the seven others who were onboard during the fatal helicopter crash.

"I accept the apology and understand the raw emotions caused by this tragic loss," King said.

The reporter, who has remained absent from the public eye in recent weeks, did not put all the blame on the rapper for his incendiary comments. She mentioned the difficult aspect of her job is when she needs to ask probing questions to people about sensitive subject matter. At times, this can come across as indelicate but she does not mean to offend anybody.

"As a journalist, it is sometimes challenging to balance doing my job with the emotions and feelings during difficult times," her statement read.

King acknowledged that sometimes she makes mistakes and mishandles situations -- as she says she did with the Leslie interview -- but still aims to deliver questions with the utmost sympathy. She added that it was never her goal to incite people.

"I don't always get it perfect but I'm constantly striving to do it with compassion and integrity," she said.

Oprah Winfrey, a good friend of King's, admitted the newscaster was "not doing well" after receiving a deluge of threats.

During his apology, Snoop Dogg credited his mother with helping him realize the error of his ways, saying he had made things worse by attacking the television host.