February 14, 2020
Natalie Roser Shows Off Tanned Bod In Bright Blue Bikini On Instagram

Natalie Roser has been keeping her 1.2 million Instagram fans tantalized with pics of her rocking bikinis and mini dresses. Today, she kept things rolling with a new snap of her flaunting her tanned bod. The stunner wore a bright blue bikini while posing at the beach and appeared to be having a blast.

The model was photographed facing the camera straight-on with her left leg crossed in front. Her hands were raised a few inches from her sides, and she held a gray scrunchie in her right hand. She was caught laughing, and her pearly whites contrasted against her tan.

The bikini was bright blue and featured a bandeau-style top with an extra piece of fabric that she tied around her midriff with the extra fabric falling down the side of her right thighs. This accent brought attention to her toned abs peeking through. Plus, her bottoms were a small thong with straps that rested low on her hips.

Natalie wore her hair pulled back in a casual bun with a middle part and loose strands falling behind her ears. Her makeup application was also simple — it hardly looked like she wore any, except perhaps a dusting of eye shadow and light lipstick.

She accessorized with dangle earrings that had a gold piece on top and a white charm below, and her necklace featured an oval, sparkling gem that fell right above her cleavage.

The bombshell stood at the beach with jagged rock formations behind her, a cliff to her right, and a house nestled at the base of it. The ocean could be seen on the right side of the frame, and the shot was taken on a sunny yet cloudy day with puffy and hazy clouds covering the sky.

Her fans took to the comments section to rave about the new share.

"You are just so stunning," gushed a supporter.

"Just divinely gorgeous," declared a second Instagram user.

"Fabulous looking! Great color. Enough with the earth tones," wrote a follower.

"Beautiful HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, to you too Natalie. Like your Two-piece. Thanks for sharing," raved an admirer.

Natalie posted an update five days ago where she rocked a houndstooth-print bikini. There were two photos and a video in the series, and in the former, the sensation posted outside on a patio with glass railings and views of tropical foliage and palm trees. The video gave fans a glimpse at the storm outside as her sheer curtains blew in and out of the frame.