February 14, 2020
WWE News: Longtime Talent Announces Departure From The Company

Many faces come and go in WWE, and it seems it is never easy for talents -- both wrestlers and supporting personalities -- to move on to something else. Cathy Kelley has been with the company since 2016 after coming over from AfterBuzz TV, and she has made quite a name for herself within the company. All good things must come to an end -- Kelley has announced she's departing the company, and that Sunday will be her final day in WWE.

Since joining the company back in February of 2016, Cathy Kelley has had a number of different jobs and positions within WWE. She started out as a backstage correspondent in NXT and was also a social media correspondent for the entire company.

She took to hosting WWE Now which had weekly and sometimes daily videos on WWE's website and YouTube channel. In those videos, Kelley would detail news, rumors, and even go over some possible injuries to various superstars.

Kelley has done very well in WWE, and was often seen as one of the best correspondents and interviewers within the entire company. On Friday, she took to her official Instagram account to let the world know that she would be leaving the company after this weekend, and that it was a very hard decision for her to make.

Cathy Kelley confirmed in the Instagram post that her last day -- and event -- will be NXT TakeOver: Portland on Sunday night. It is not yet known what she will be doing at the event, but it is expected that she'll continue as a backstage correspondent, as she's done in the past.

It is obvious that Kelley was quite emotional in her post, as she even said that she "typed it out and deleted" the caption about 20 times over a matter of days. She offered up her thanks and gratitude to both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for their support and inspiration.

Back in November, Kelley appeared as a backstage interviewer on SmackDown for one episode. She was there to fill in after news broke that many superstars had been delayed in Saudi Arabia, largely due to travel issues.

As of this time, there has been no word as to what's next for Cathy Kelley, or where she'll be going after NXT TakeOver: Portland. Her time in WWE is about to come to an end, and fans are anxious to see where the much loved correspondent ends up.