February 14, 2020
Sexy Cosmetologist Melissa Riso Wears Red-And-Black Lingerie In Racy Valentine's Day Video

In honor of Valentine's Day, sexy cosmetologist Melissa Riso treated her 1.2 million Instagram followers to a special treat. On Friday, she shared a racy video to Instagram, one that showed her rocking some lacy lingerie.

The beauty's revealing underwear was presented in red lace with black straps. The bra featured half cups that showed off plenty of her voluptuous chest. The thong panties were equally revealing, and she completed the seductive look with a matching garter belt.

The video was comprised of a compilation of clips that showed the brunette bombshell in a variety of poses. The clip began with black-and-white footage, the camera following Melissa as she walked down the street in a pair of stilettos. The song "American Woman" could be heard in the background.

The camera panned up the beauty's legs, showing her bare bottom beneath the hem of a black jacket. The video then showed Melissa walking inside a doorway while giving the camera a sultry look. The scene jumped to Melissa posing in the jacket as the video began to turn from monochromatic to full color. She played with her hair -- and flashed the camera several sexy glances -- while striking several provocative poses, running her hands over her body. The camera zoomed in on her cleavage, and at one point, she teasingly popped her bra straps.

The video then showed the stunner leaning on the back of a sofa, her jacket removed. After several moments of her modeling the lingerie, she leaned forward, running her hands down the front of her legs. The clip then showed her from behind, giving her followers a good look at her thong-clad backside.

Melissa's raven-hued hair fell straight down her back. She wore a face full of makeup, an application that included sculpted brows, dark eye shadow, and thick lashes. Her cheeks were contoured, and she also wore a nude shade on her lips.

In the caption, Melissa said that she wanted to share something that was a little bit more provocative than what she normally shares.

Many of her fans loved the titillating video, and told her so.

"You look amazing and gorgeous no matter what," one admirer told her.

"Amazing just beautiful," a second Instagram user wrote.

It seems Melissa looks incredible in just about every photo she shares. Last month, the model looked sensational while posing braless under a jacket, striking a sultry and intoxicating pose.