February 14, 2020
'The Bachelorette' Star Hannah Brown Reveals Sweet Scoop On Her New Valentine

Last year's star of The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, has seemingly remained single since ending her engagement with her final rose recipient, Jed Wyatt. She has dismissed rumors here and there of supposed relationships, but now she is sharing the scoop on a new development. It appears that she has a special valentine of sorts this year, but this story comes with some sweet laughs.

Hannah shared all of the details via her Instagram stories. The way she tells the story, it seems that she ended up with a couple of sweet valentines as a result of a coffee run in Los Angeles.

On Thursday, Hannah ran to a shop called Blue Stone Lane to get her favorite coffee, a drink called the Magic. She seemingly stops by this place frequently, as she is on a first-name basis with the valet named Edgar.

Hannah explains that she was thrilled that Edgar snagged her a fantastic parking spot and she ran in to get her coffee. The Bachelorette star details that she had previously decided to have flowers delivered to herself for Valentine's Day since she isn't dating anybody and won't be getting them from anyone else. As luck would have it, however, there were bouquets of flowers for sale at the coffee shop and she decided to treat herself there.

While Hannah planned to buy the flowers for herself, it turns out that the barista at the coffee shop wrapped them up and said the flowers were on him. The Bachelorette star noted that she had asked his name, but had since forgotten it. As she told the story, she smiled and said she guessed she had a valentine now after all.

Not only that, but she gained some additional smiles from Edgar on her way out. Hannah explained that she rarely has single dollar bills for tipping and she had promised Edgar she would make sure she had some the next time she was there. As The Bachelorette star was leaving, she gave Edgar some, but he turned them down.

Edgar told Hannah that her smile was all he needed to see for the day. In closing, The Bachelorette star grinned as she proclaimed that there are still good men out in the world.

The Bachelorette fans are still rooting for Hannah to find lasting love, and it sounds as if she had a couple of very sweet encounters during her coffee run on Thursday. Unfortunately, these obviously don't change her dating status, so she is still looking for the right guy.

Some people are rallying to see Hannah get a second chance this spring as The Bachelorette, while plenty of others are hoping she ends up being with The Bachelor Peter Weber when all is said and done. If nothing else, it sounds as if Hannah is in pretty good spirits for Valentine's Day despite still being single, a status she probably hadn't anticipated a year ago as she prepared to be The Bachelorette.