February 14, 2020
Joe Giudice Posts Valentine's Day Praise For Teresa Guidice As Cheating Scandal Heats Up

Despite the rumors of the acrimonious split, Joe Giudice had some kind words for his estranged wife on social media for Valentine's Day. Over an image of Teresa Giuidice posing for a media event, he posted a message on Instagram thanking Teresa for taking care of their family and called the pair a great team.

"Thank you for providing so well for this family, I think we make a great team. I really appreciate you - Happy [heart emoji] Day," he wrote, captioning the post, "Thank you!"

He shared the image on his Instagram story and also posted a heartfelt tribute to his daughters on Instagram.

Joe opened the message by saying that he was thinking about his girls even though they weren't with him in Italy, where he was deported after serving his sentence for fraud in a U.S. federal prison. He told his four girls that he was lucky to have their love, despite his faults.

"I know I mess up a lot. I embarrass, get distracted, don't listen to the things you ask me. But, you forgive me. Every time. You tell me that it's ok and that you love me," he wrote. "There is no keeping track of the things I did that hurt your feelings, or the things that I went wrong on cause of me. You've loved me at my worst and it has changed me for the better as a father."

He went on to ask the girls to be his valentine and said that though they don't always express love in the conventional way, they are always the focus of his world, on camera or off.

In recent days, Joe has been accused of cheating on Teresa for years, and the star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey expressed on camera that she had suspected him of cheating after she discovered a second cellphone that he was using.

Still, these days it appears that the two have found a middle ground. After Joe was spotting partying with women in Mexico, Teresa said that she was happy Joe was dating and that if he ever did decide to get serious with someone, she would be happy to meet the person.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Teresa's focus isn't necessarily about mending fences with Joe, but in ensuring that their girls are happy.

Teresa's family wasn't so positive about the situation, with Joe Gorga, Teresa's brother, saying that Giudice wasn't a good man and husband to his family.