February 14, 2020
Jenelle Evans And David Eason Are Reportedly Living Together Again After Separation

After a year filled with drama that ended in the couple's split, Jenelle Evans and David Eason are apparently trying to give their relationship another shot. According to TMZ, the two have been living together on and off at their North Carolina home for weeks.

Last year, David shot and killed the family French bulldog after he says the pooch bit their daughter Ensley, who was 2 years old at the time. After that, all of the children were taken away from the couple, and they had to battle to get them back. Meanwhile, Jenelle got fired from the MTV show Teen Mom 2, and it was apparently all too much for their relationship.

In October 2019, Jenelle filed for divorce from David and later had a restraining order issued against him. The restraining order was later dropped, and now -- if the couple is truly living together again -- the divorce could be postponed. North Carolina law requires that a couple be separated for one year before they can file for divorce.

While a source confirms that the two have been giving their relationship another go, the couple's social media posts seem to indicate that they're spending a lot of time together.

Recently, they both posted videos on the same day playing with a baby goat. Reportedly, the new pet lives with the couple in North Carolina and is perhaps their way of adding a new pet less likely to bite their daughter.

The couple has also been spotted out together after Jenelle dropped the restraining order. In January, they were snapped walking with Ensley in Nashville. A week later, they were seen hanging out at a bar in Nashville.

The source says that Jenelle is living part-time in both Nashville and North Carolina.

The news comes just days after a source close to the couple claimed that the divorce was still on and the couple was just trying to mend their relationship for their family, as The Inquisitr previously reported. The source says that even though David and Jenelle hung out Nashville, the visit was all about co-parenting Ensley together and not an indicator that they were going to give their relationship a second chance.

Jenelle was also spotted in North Carolina, but the source says that she was just collecting some of her things from their home. While the two are getting along better these days, the source said, Jenelle's visit to North Carolina doesn't mean that the two are reconsidering their divorce.