Carmen Electra Goes Topless In Bikini Bottoms

Carmen Electra attends the 2019 Hollywood Beauty Awards.
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Icon Carmen Electra wore nothing on her bust but camouflage tape in her newest Instagram upload. She left little to the imagination in the picture, sporting an outfit so skimpy it goes without question that the photo is NSFW.

The undated image featured the model making a “come hither” motion with her finger towards the camera. Green, brown, olive, and taupe-patterned tape crossed her chest in a straight line, though fans could still see the curves of her chest. She wore the camo print tape across her stomach in a criss-cross design. Viewers could also see a tiny hint of tape peek out over her shoulder.

Carmen paired the makeshift top with teeny olive green bikini bottoms. Since there wasn’t much to her outfit, it was easy to see her sun-kissed skin and toned physique, as well as her gorgeous hourglass figure.

Her brunette hair seemed to be wet and was mostly tightly pulled back into a braid. However, some of her locks came loose and fluttered in the breeze, glowing blond in the sun. Her nails were painted in a French manicure.

Though she did not tag the photo’s location, Carmen seemed to be standing in the foreground at the front of a long, wooden bridge.

Her brown brows framed her face as it also appeared that she wore kohl liner around her eyes, making the whites of her eyes stand out. Meanwhile, her bright blue irises were shining. She wore bronzer on her cheeks, which made her tanned skin radiate. She opened her mouth slightly — as if she was saying the words, “Come here.” Her pout was painted with a frosty pink gloss.

She joked about her lack of a top in the caption of the snap, revealing that she made do with whatever material she had on hand.

In the comments section, one of her followers joked back.

“With the body you’ve always had – the bikini would just melt off. Better to use tape anyway!!”

Others praised the star for her look.

“You are the prettiest celeb in all of Hollywood/LA.. hands down. Forever my dream girl,” a fan wrote.

“Hot babe,” said another, adding a line of flame emoji, as well as smiley faces blowing kisses.

At the time of this writing, the photo has approximately 12,800 likes and more than 400 comments.

Of course, this is far from the first time that the Baywatch star got sexy on Instagram: She had previously rocked a tiny glitter bikini, as well as a set of sultry lingerie.