Ann Coulter Uses Sodomy To Make Point In Healthcare Debate

ann coulter sodomy

Ann Coulter used sodomy to make her during a debate about healthcare and Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s pending initiatives. The outspoken conservative author was discussing Bloomberg’s anti-obesity legislation with activist MeMe Roth during a recent Geraldo at Large segment.

The debate initially focused on Bloomberg’s policies but ultimately morphed into a far more broad discussion on social and fiscal issues. Ann Coulter took issue with the NYC mayor’s recent cigarette initiatives and used gay bathhouses, sodomy, and AIDS to make her point. Coulter feels that cigarette smoke is not the only lifestyle habit that can raise the cost of healthcare.

Coulter disputes the plan to go after smokers because lighting up will ultimately raise the cost of medical care when other supposedly risky habits could cause similar healthcare increases as well. Ann Coulter said, “There’s lots of behavior that’s worse. People know smoking is bad for you and all the stigma of the world comes down on this one behavior.”

Anti-obesity activist MeMe Roth disagreed with Coulter’s sodomy argument and stated that the personal decision to inhale nicotine winds up costing someone else money. During the debate Roth stated, “If we’re picking up the tab, somebody’s got to help pay for that.”

Ann Coulter countered her debate partner’s argument by pointing out the Obamacare surcharges that will impact smokers beginning next year. The conservative commentator called Mayor Michael Bloomberg a “politically correct nanny” during the segment. Coulter believes that if the United States government is going to fiscally punish American for one type of dangerous activity, then all potentially risky behavior should be included as well.

What do you think about Ann Coulter’s sodomy argument?

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