Lindsey Pelas Dances In A Sports Bra & Skintight Leggings: ‘I’m Back, Baby!’

Lindsey PeLindsey Pelas poses for a photograph.
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Despite a bout of the flu that threatened to keep her down, Lindsey Pelas took to her Instagram story on Thursday, February 13, to let everyone know that she just had a workout so good that she’s still feeling its positive effects.

The model first took a selfie video at the gym, using the TOP SUMMER LOOK Instagram filter which made her already sun-kissed skin glow even more, as well as making her pearly white teeth shine even brighter. She wore a gray-and-black fitted sports bra on top, pairing the workout gear with some seriously tight black yoga pants. She tagged the location as Barry’s Bootcamp in Los Angeles.

In the next clip, she turned her back to the camera, holding her puppy in her arms. She wore her blond hair up in a ponytail. As she filmed her reflection, she shook her booty and danced to “Intentions” by Justin Bieber, featuring Quavo, while her dog wagged its tail as well.

“I CAN’T,” she captioned that video clip, adding a crying emoji to emphasize just how cute she thought her pup was.

In the next video, Lindsey’s dog happily licked her and crawled all over her as she breathlessly told the camera that no one could distinguish which one of them was on an “endorphin high” from their workout. She then went on to explain part of her workout routine, revealing that at first she had no plans to jog — but then the feel-good chemicals took over.

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“Seriously, I was sick for so long, that I’m like, ‘Today I need to do something hard, so for me, Barry’s is the hardest thing I can think of,'” she said. “I ran, and I wasn’t running fast, but I ran the whole time. And I put in work. And I feel so good.”

As the videos went on, Lindsey further explained that she’s been sticking to her resolutions to eat healthy and cut out caffeine. In fact, she said, she wants to “be running off the right kind of fuel,” so she stopped drinking soda and coffee. She told her 9.1 million followers that she’s also been eating more organic food, and has been cooking more versus ordering out.

“The flu threw me off, but I’m back, baby!” she told the camera triumphantly, glowing from the inside out. “And I’m still sticking with my resolutions. And you can blame this whole interlude on me being high from my workout!”

Lindsey has previously shown her exercise regimen on Instagram, previously doing a set of squats on the app for all to see.