Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Responds To Anti-Gay ‘Hurtful’ Messages He Gets Online, Says He Reads Them All

The quarterback's openly gay brother receives thousands of hateful messages.

Patrick Mahomes answers questions at a Super Bowl presser.
Mark Brown / Getty Images

The quarterback's openly gay brother receives thousands of hateful messages.

Patrick Mahomes enjoyed a historic NFL playoff run that culminated with a Super Bowl win and being crowned the game’s MVP. Meanwhile, his brother, Jackson Mahomes, has been enjoying success on social media, but he recently revealed he gets inundated with “hurtful” messages.

The younger Mahomes brother has been building his brand on social media and is known for not only posting photos with his NFL star brother but also for putting up dancing videos on TikTok. Mahomes is openly gay and has been the target for many hateful tweets and comments online.

He has managed to amass over 115,000 followers on Instagram where he often posts photos alongside his brother, or his brother’s girlfriend, Brittany Matthews. The college student is almost always flashing a giant smile but the responses he gets can be ugly.

During Kansas City Chiefs games, some fans of the team will voice their dismay by referencing the younger Mahomes on Twitter. One person was upset with how Tyreek Hill was playing and snidely suggested Mahomes play in his place.

“Tyreek can’t hold onto the ball on any of these catches, might as well put Jackson mahomes gay a** in there I know he be holding onto balls,” the person tweeted.

Others will tweet just to complain about seeing the Mahomes brother on other social media platforms.

“First thing I see when I get on TikTok is Jackson Mahomes gay a**. I hate it here,” a Twitter user wrote.

The budding TikTok star took to Twitter this week to address the hateful comments. He revealed that outside of tweets directed toward him, he also receives direct messages from people spewing “hurtful” words, and he reads all of them.

” [A] lot of people DM me hurtful things then be like ‘you get 1000s of DM you will never see this’ like sheesh I read every dm so y’all can chilll,” Mahomes tweeted to his 18,000 followers.

This was the first in a series of tweets about the angry messages he receives. The college student says that many commenters will follow up their vitriol by apologizing only 10 minutes later.

In the tweets posted this week, Mahomes contemplated exposing those who send him hateful messages by possibly making a YouTube video where he would contact their employers.

“Literally about to start blasting all these people,” he wrote.

His followers were quick to give their support and offer encouraging words. The next day, Mahomes gave thanks to his followers and said he received “over 300 DMs of positive things.”