‘General Hospital’ Thursday Spoilers: Finn Is At His Breaking Point As He Lashes Out At Anna

General Hospital couple Anna and Finn.
Nick Agro / ABC Press

Anna and Finn have been at odds over Peter August for a while now and it’s all coming to a head this week on General Hospital. Peter has been busy covering his tracks for fear of getting caught. He has been one step ahead of everyone who is out to nail him, particularly Robert, Jason, and Sam. Anna and Finn are caught up in the middle of it all and on Thursday’s episode, Finn will lose his cool with his fiancée, angry over her need to try to protect her son.

It seems that Finn has had enough. On Wednesday, Anna learned from Robert that someone handed information over to Jason and Sam that they could use to bring Peter down, but Peter got one up on them. Robert has been taken off the case and Jason and Sam are back to square one. Now Anna has confronted Finn over his involvement in nailing her son. In the General Hospital previews for Thursday, Finn is angry as he lashes out at her. SheKnows Soaps says he will yell at her that Peter is guilty, as Anna stares at him with tears in her eyes.

Anna told Finn on Wednesday that she is afraid Peter will go down a dark path, but Finn is not having it. He reminds her that she is only harming him more by covering up for him. Will Finn’s need to do what is right and Anna’s need to defend her son be the end for these two? It certainly appears to be headed in that direction, but Peter may just slip up eventually. Anna’s eyes may be forced open when it comes to all that he has done in the past, let alone in the present.

It also doesn’t look like Robert is giving up any time soon trying to protect Anna from getting hurt in all of this. Neither are Jason or Sam giving up their pursuit to nail Peter. According to The Inquisitr, Sam will have an idea on Thursday’s General Hospital that may help in her situation. She and Jason have been left disappointed yet again and are forced to be apart for two years, but things will likely turn around for them soon.

In the meantime, Anna and Finn will hash things out on the same episode. Finn isn’t out to hurt his fiancée, but his first priority is to protect his daughter, Violet. He isn’t too happy to have Peter around Violet since he doesn’t trust him. Things are about to come to a head and fans of this couple are hoping they can survive the ordeal.