Amber Rose Says Kobe Bryant’s Death Inspired Her Forehead Tattoo, Her Boyfriend Got One To Match

The model's boyfriend got a forehead tattoo honoring her kids.

Amber Rose at a Grammy Party with Alexander Edwards
Rich Polk / Getty Images

The model's boyfriend got a forehead tattoo honoring her kids.

Amber Rose showed off her latest tattoo this week, which featured the words “BASH SLASH” written across her forehead. The model revealed it was the sudden death of Kobe Bryant that inspired her to get the bold tattoo.

The new artwork is a tribute to her two sons, Sebastian Taylor and Slash Electric Alexander Edwards. Appearing on Fox Soul’s One On One With Keyshia Cole, Rose spoke about how the helicopter crash that killed Bryant and his daughter Gianna motivated her.

“I don’t want this to sound corny or anything, but after Kobe died, it made me reflect on my life,” the mother of two said.

Although her new ink is not a direct tribute to the Lakers legend, it was the fact that he died along with his teenage daughter that reminded her how fleeting life can be. The event made Rose think of when her father was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 40. He was able to pull through, but now that she’s nearing that age, she wants to live life to the fullest.

Apparently, she had planned to get this ode to her children for quite some time, and it was the recent Bryant tragedy that gave her the courage to do it.

“And I have been wanting this tattoo for a long time, and I was like, ‘you know what?'” Rose told Cole. “‘Life is so short. Just do it. Just live your best life with no regrets.'”

The 36-year-old said she is happy with her decision and consulted her boyfriend, Alexander “AE” Edwards, before getting the tattoo. He encouraged her by saying “you got to go get it.” Edwards is the father of Rose’s second child, 4-month-old Slash, and was the first one to pay tribute her children with a forehead piece.

Tattoo artist Jacob Ramirez posted a photo of a tattoo he did on Edwards with “10.10.19” and “2.21.13” separated by a lightning bolt across his forehead. These are the birth dates of his newborn and Rose’s 7-year-old son, Sebastian — whose father is rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Reactions to the father’s tattoo were mixed.

“He got Sebastians bday too,” one wrote with a heart emoji.

“Explains why @amberrose decided it was ok for her to get her forehead tatted as well,” another wrote with a face palm emoji.

Wendy Williams is among those who are not a fan of Rose’s tattoo. As reported by The Inquisitr, during an episode of The Wendy Williams Show, she rhetorically asked why the model would “ruin” her face.