Sexting Ad Illustrates How It Can Ruin A Teenagers Life [Video]

I Shared A Photo Ad

Sexting can ruin a teenager’s life, and Vancouver-based Children of the Street Society has created an ad that explains why the practice can lead to horrendous outcomes.

The sexting ad titled “Just One Photo” was created as part of the annual Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth Awareness Week. The group created outdoor media, poster handsets and ultimately a sexting ad as part of its efforts.

On its YouTube page, the group writes:

“Children of the Street Society’s Just One Photo campaign features the story of a young girl who shared a private photo online with someone she trusted. Her tale, presented in parts on various cell phone screens, highlights the increasing power new technologies have in the distribution of potentially harmful content. Touchpoints include resto-bar and school posters, transit shelter advertisements, and a video which hopes to draw the attention of parents and children alike.”

Posted on March 11, 2013, the video has received more than 53,000 views.

The video uses large white cards with words written across them to display the groups message, a popular delivery platform for some of 2012’s biggest viral hits.

Here is the “I Shared A Photo” ad:

Do you think more awareness should be raised in response to teenager sexting?