Russian Beauty Viki Odintcova Strikes Seductive Pose In Black Lingerie

Kim Smith

Russian bombshell Viki Odintcova has Valentine's Day on her mind, but not in the way that most people might think. The beauty's latest Instagram update included a photo that saw her striking a seductive pose and including a straightforward message about what she thought of the upcoming holiday.

In the photo, the model was wearing a set of black lace lingerie. Her bra featured triangle cups and a plunging neckline. Because of Viki's pose, it was hard to see all of her panties, but it is safe to say they were definitely skimpy.

Viki was sitting on the floor with her booty several inches away from a sofa. She leaned back, resting her shoulders on the cushions with her hands over her head in a provocative pose. Her arched back accentuated her voluptuous cleavage and flat abs. Her knees were raised, showing off the curve of her hip and her toned thighs.

The beauty's hair was splayed out on the cushion behind her. Her eyes were closed, revealing smoky eyeshadow and thick lashes. The rest of her makeup application included sculpted eyebrows and a rose color on her slightly parted lips.

The caption for the photo was written in Russian, but a translation provided by Google Translate revealed that Viki said that she did not think Valentine's Day was special, adding that she would not be going on any dates.

Many of the replies were written in Russian, but some of the stunner's English-speaking fans weighed in with what they thought about the sexy image.

"This photo should be illegal. Damn!" wrote one admirer.

"you're the most beautiful girl i've ever seen!! it's crazy!!" gushed a second fan.

"Wow you are so super gorgeous," a third Instagram user told her.

"Most beautiful woman EVER!!" wrote a fourth follower.

Most of the model's updates get plenty of attention from her adoring fans. The bombshell seems to know exactly what her followers like to see. It also does not hurt that she does not mind showing her figure, which is to die for.

Some of her most recent Instagram posts show off that figure as she wears skimpy outfits such as sexy dresses and revealing swimwear. Last month, she put her curves on display in a string bikini. Viki's admirers know that whatever she will be wearing next, she's sure to look sensational in it.