‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease A Big Step Ahead For Lulu & Dustin, But He’s Raising Some Eyebrows

Mark Lawson plays Dustin on 'General Hospital'.
Valerie Durant / Walt Disney Television

There’s a juicy episode on the way for fans of General Hospital. Spoilers hint that Thursday’s show will bring some surprises and the sneak peek shared via Twitter has given everybody a few hints.

General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for the February 13 show reveal that at some point, Lulu will tell Peter that she and Dustin just took a “big step.” What could the duo have decided to do? While Lulu and Dustin hit the sheets rather quickly during a heated moment, their romance since then has progressed fairly slowly.

This big step for the duo could be something as basic as officially deciding they’re in an exclusive relationship and are now boyfriend and girlfriend. Whatever it is that Lulu’s ready to share, she is clearly excited about taking this step with Dustin.

Even if it is just officially embracing a relationship, Lulu’s happiness is pretty understandable. It’s clear she is still working through her complicated feelings over her marriage to Dante ending and this is her first romance since then.

Just a few days ago, Lulu had an emotional chat with Laura, where she admitted she’s afraid to fall in love with another hero. Laura encouraged her to open herself up to what could be with Dustin. It looks like she will take Laura’s advice.

There is an intriguing glimpse of Dustin in this Thursday’s preview. He is seen in a suit, which is quite unusual for him. As a high school English teacher, Dustin tends to keep things pretty casual, so seeing him in a suit does prompt some questions.

In addition, General Hospital spoilers share that Dustin will be telling somebody that his “date is with someone else.” That could sound sneaky and suspicious, although it doesn’t seem that he’s referencing an actual romantic date of any kind. It seems he has some sort of appointment and the weekly sneak peek would suggest that it’s with Jax.

The spoilers have revealed that Dustin will be wearing a suit and meeting with Jax in an office. Supposedly, Valentin shows up in the doorway, pulls a gun, and shoots towards Jax.

It seems virtually guaranteed that this supposed shooting will turn out to be a dream sequence of some sort. However, now it appears it could contain some kernels of truth as well. Seeing Dustin in a suit does have some fans wondering what’s up on that front, although it may turn out to be no big deal.

Other General Hospital spoilers suggest that viewers will get answers on this Valentin and Jax situation during the next show. Valentin just learned he’s not a Cassadine after all, and he is also going to have to deal with knowing that Jax kissed Nina.

Valentin’s life is about to take a dark turn, and fans will be hoping that Dustin doesn’t somehow get caught in the crossfire. While General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps don’t tease anything more for Dustin and Lulu in the coming days, it does seem as if the writers have a long-term plan for this pairing and fans are anxious to see where it heads.