Lindsey Pelas Puts Cleavage On Show In Sultry New Video Selfie

Lindsey Pelas poses for a photograph
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Lindsey Pelas has been showcasing her eye-catching curves in all of her recent Instagram updates and spiced things up today with a new video selfie that was full of sultry vibes. The blonde rocked a low-cut swimsuit that allowed her to put her cleavage on display as she posed outside with what sounded like the ocean waves crashing in the backdrop.

The stunner wore a black ribbed swimsuit with thin straps and a low neckline that featured a thin horizontal piece of fabric that decorated her cleavage.

Lindsey wore her hair down with a heavy left part, her wavy locks blowing in the wind and reaching inches past her shoulders. Moreover, her makeup application was hard to miss, as she sported shimmery pink eyeshadow, long lashes, light pink lipstick, and brown liner. She accessorized with gold hoop earrings but no necklace.

She stood in front of the bottom of a wooden structure with weathered criss-crossed boards. A white bucket could be seen underneath the structure, which may have been the lower part of a lifeguard station.

The clip began with Lindsey looking at the camera with her lips slightly parted as she quickly switched to a flirty pout with her lips pursed. The wind blew her hair around and she moved her right shoulder slightly before zooming into her face until it filled the entire frame. The model continued to hold her gaze and blinked once before the video ended.

The sensation used a vintage-inspired filter which added black artifacts throughout and was especially prominent against her flawless skin.

Although the sun didn’t shine directly on Lindsey during the selfie, she was lit up in a flattering manner, allowing her skin to glow.

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Her followers headed to the comments section to share their compliments while her similarly flirty caption inspired equally suggestive messages. Others kept it a little tamer and enthusiastically expressed their admiration for her.

“You are Miss Universe sweetie,” gushed a supporter.

“What a knockout,” declared a second social media user.

“Just outrageous wow,” raved a follower.

“GORGEOUS AS ALWAYS, LOVE YOU,” exclaimed a fan.

In addition, the bombshell posted another update yesterday where she flaunted her cleavage, that time in a low-cut bodysuit. The outfit had thick straps and a row of buttons down the front, all of which she left undone except for the one at the bottom. Lindsey placed one hand in her hair and tugged at the suit with her other hand, gazing directly at the camera with a coy expression on her face, her pink makeup popping against her skin.