Amish Families Faces Eviction Over Outhouse Dispute

Amish Family Faces Eviction Over Outhouse Dispute

Several Amish families are facing eviction over an outhouse dispute in Kenton, Ohio. The Kenton-Hardin County Health Board has threatened to condemn the properties and evict the families if they do not install modern wells and septic systems.

In January two Amish families were warned that they would have 30 days to comply with the new regulations. The Amish community is outraged as compliance with the regulations will defy their lifestyle, which prohibits many modern conveniences.

As reported by Stamford Advocate, The Amish traditionally use outhouses that do not include electric pumps. The waste is collected and distributed around the property.

The health department now requires that the waste be collected in a watertight container so it can be removed from the property and properly disposed of. Additionally, the containment system must be built by licensed contractors and inspected by county officials.

The Amish maintain that the rules are in stark contrast with their beliefs. There are over 200 Amish families living in the surrounding area. Although the regulations do not apply to existing homes, all newly build homes will be forced to comply, or Amish families will face eviction.

As reported by the Columbus Dispatch, the families have filed an appeal that will be heard tomorrow. Numerous Amish families are expected to attend in protest of the regulations.

The Amish are willing to compromise as long as they can continue their simple and plain way of life. Several other Ohio counties, such as Knox and Logan, have faced similar arguments with the Amish. Both counties eventually compromised and have settled their disputes.

The Kenton-Hardin County Health Board states that their main concern is the impact on the environment and health.

The Amish families facing eviction have not hired attorneys, and are not interested in a battle with county officials. The simply want to be left alone to continue their simple lifestyle.

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