‘The Carrie Diaries’ Defended By ‘Sex And The City’ Writer For Low Ratings

The Carrie Diaries Defended For Low Ratings By Sex And The City Writer

The Carrie Diaries has suffered from low ratings since its premiere, but Sex and the City writer Candace Bushnell wants you to know the prequel to her famous film-TV-book series is “a really good show.”

In comments published Monday by The Daily Beast, Bushnell said the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw in high school were similar to Sex and the City and added that the show’s cast and crew are “doing a good job.”

When asked why the ratings weren’t higher, Bushnell responded, “I don’t know. The reality is, Monday night is an incredibly difficult night on TV. We were up against The Bachelor, which had the highest ratings it’s had in years.”

Bushnell continued: “Those kinds of reality shows are like a sporting event. People watch them live. But The Carrie Diaries has huge streaming numbers. I don’t know if they told you that.”

While it is true that TV execs aren’t paying close enough attention to streaming numbers, the audience for Sex and the City has been in decline since two disappointing films that appeared to achieve financial success only because of the HBO series pedigree.

That hasn’t stopped fans from still being fans. In 2012, Carrie Bradshaw’s townhouse from the show sold for $10 million and the show earned an unlikely supporter in Kobe Bryant. But box office numbers don’t lie.

Anticipation for the first film was huge, and the box office take did not disappoint. Worldwide the first film grossed around $415 million.

However, Sex and the City 2 suffered a huge drop. While maintaining its profitability, the sequel grossed around $57 million less than its predecessor domestically while playing on close to 200 more screens, according to Box Office Mojo.

Worldwide numbers were down close to $130 million.

Asked about the possibilities of a third Sex and the City film, Bushnell killed it with a simple, “No,” adding that if it were up to her, the second film would have been “Carrie Bradshaw decides to run for mayor and Samantha helps her.”

“It would get into some real issues of what happens when you’re part of a relationship and the woman is ambitious,” Bushnell added. “What does that do to her relationship with Mr. Big? To me, that would be interesting. But they were not going to go there.”

Are you done with Sex and the City or The Carrie Diaries? Would you prefer the series to continue, a third film, or is it time to hang up the high heels?