Illinois Girl Scouts Make A Killing Selling Cookies In Front Of Marijuana Facilities

'Now we need to protect potheads from exploitation by small children,' joked one observer.

a young lady sells girl scout cookies
Drmies / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0 Cropped, resized, pixelated.)

'Now we need to protect potheads from exploitation by small children,' joked one observer.

Enterprising Girl Scouts are making a fortune selling Girl Scout Cookies outside of marijuana dispensaries in Chicago, The Block Club Chicago reports. Recreational marijuana sales became legal in Illinois just a few weeks ago, on January 1.

It’s been a joke for a century now that marijuana can increase the appetite and/or increase the enjoyment of food; stoners call it “getting the munchies.” And of course, it’s Girl Scout Cookie season. So some young ladies, a decade away from being able to purchase marijuana legally themselves, decided to put two and two together and park outside of a Chicago dispensary.

Their products were soon flying off the shelves.

Abigail Watkins, the marketing and outreach manager for Dispensary33, on the city’s North Side, said that delicious cookies and long lines of marijuana users are a perfect combination.

“The cookies they’re selling and our clientele, it’s a great match. As a former Girl Scout, I admire the hustle,” she said, adding that Girl Scouts will be welcome to sell their cookies outside of the dispensary every weekend through February.

Melissa Soukup, a leader of the Scout troop that got permission to sell the cookies outside of Dispensary33, said that it was none other than a police officer who gave her the idea. Last year at this time, Illinois hadn’t yet legalized recreational marijuana (though it was legal for medical use at the time), and Soukup’s girls were selling their cookies the more traditional route, such as setting up in front of a pet store. Soukup says that a cop told her that once Illinois legalized pot for recreational use, the girls would sell out their cookies if they set up in front of a pot shop.

The police officer wasn’t wrong. Thanks to long lines that continue to be present outside of dispensaries not just in Chicago, but all across Illinois, there was no shortage of hungry customers.

One joker got in a laugh at the juxtaposition of preadolescent children and an industry built around the use of psychoactive chemicals.

“Remember when the idea was we protected kids from ‘the malign influence of potheads’? And now we need to protect potheads from exploitation by small children,” they said.

Of course, the spectacle of girls selling Girl Scout Cookies outside of pot dispensaries is nothing new. It’s been a thing for years in places like Colorado and Washington, two states that legalized recreational pot years before Illinois got on board. In fact, in Colorado, the local Girl Scout organization briefly banned sales outside of pot dispensaries but quickly overturned that ban.

Back in Illinois, the Chicago Girl Scouts have gotten approval from their regional organization to sell outside of marijuana dispensaries.