Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Brad Makes A Huge Confession To Nelle

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers have promised that the baby swap drama will cross the finish line soon and it looks like Thursday’s episode could bring an interesting step forward on that front. Brad’s anxiety has been sky-high for months now over keeping the secret that Wiley is really Jonah, and Brad is about to share a major tidbit of information with Nelle.

As fans know, Brad confessed the truth to Lucas just seconds before the car accident that left Lucas in a coma for two months. Lucas finally came out of his coma, but at the moment, he doesn’t remember what Brad confessed to him. General Hospital spoilers tease that Lucas will be remembering more flickers regarding that conversation in the days ahead and both Brad and Julian are worried.

Not only does Brad have to worry about Lucas’ memory, but he also has to keep tabs on what Nelle has planned. She’s out of Pentonville now and quickly reconnected with Brad, but he doesn’t know about her determination to reunite with Jonah. Now, it seems that a big confession he’s about to make could impact those plans of hers.

The sneak peek for Thursday’s show reveals that Brad and Nelle will get together for a chat. Based on General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central, it sounds as if Brad will initiate this meetup with Nelle.

It’s not known what prompts Brad to seek Nelle out, but it doesn’t look like it will take long for him to share something major with her. General Hospital spoilers indicate that for some reason, Brad will decide to tell Nelle about that crucial moment before the car accident. He will tell Nelle that he confessed the truth to Lucas about “Wiley.”

How will Nelle react to this news? Fans might expect that she will try to keep her cool with Brad, but that internally, she will probably resolve to speed up her plan to get Jonah and get out of town. It’ll be interesting to see if Nelle says anything specific about her intentions or inadvertently gives anything away to an already frazzled Brad.

Nelle is determined to finagle a massive payday from somebody in exchange for the ELQ shares she says are hers now due to marrying Shiloh. Michael isn’t giving her the type of offer she wants, so she’s told Martin to start shopping for offers. Little does Nelle realize that Martin is already working with Valentin, and Valentin is anxious to get those shares in an effort to take over ELQ.

General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed anything juicy regarding how this goes for Valentin or how the secret about Wiley finally comes out. However, these storylines seem to be progressing rapidly at last and fans cannot wait to see where it all heads.