‘BioShock: Infinite’ Gets Launch Trailer

Bioshock Infinite Launch Trailer

BioShock: Infinite is hitting store shelves tomorrow and as a way to celebrate that the fact, Irrational Games has released the launch trailer.

While there doesn’t seem to need to be a whole lot of marketing with this particular game anymore the company has added some footage that hasn’t been in any of their other official trailers.

Almost all of the footage in this video is new and if you weren’t sold on getting the game before watching, you might be after.

Reading any number of different reviews might also convince you that you need to get the game when it comes out tomorrow. Critics have almost universally sung the praises for this addition to the long running series.

BioShock: Infinite features you as Booker DeWitt. Throughout the game you and the mysterious Elizabeth are attempting to escape the sky city of Columbia.

The launch trailer shows you going through different adventures than we have seen in past trailers and you are given a long hard look at the Songbird.

This creature takes center stage in this new video as you first get a shadowy glace and then a longer and full frontal look at just what you will be going up against.

We also get a decent look at a new power you pick up when you drink a mysterious glowing potion. Drinking the potion has been shown before but the after affects were just hinted at until now.

Interspersed with the new action shots are several one liners from some of the more glowing recommendations of the game. There are plenty to choose from as it seems as if this game really hit a home run with the people who review video games for a living.

Check out the BioShock: Infinite launch trailer below and then count the hours until you can actually buy the game.