Sexy Bombshell Niece Waidhofer Posts A Dangerously Revealing Video, Fans Go Wild

Niece Waidhofer takes a selfie
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Texan model Niece Waidhofer has wowed her 1.3 million followers yet again with a sexy video of herself wearing a matching set of equally skimpy bra and panties. The hottie drove her fans wild when she shared the dangerously revealing clip on Instagram on Wednesday afternoon.

For the video, Niece stood in front of her bathtub with the shower curtain closed behind her and the camera panning from her beautiful face down to her thighs. In the process, the stunner revealed her ample breasts and cleavage, barely contained by a striped bra with nude padding between the stripes to prevent it from flagging Instagram’s censors. She also flaunted her long and narrow torso, which looked very taut and flat. However, she let the camera get a close-up of her crotch, which her itty-bitty black thong barely hid from view. The pistol tattoos on her hips were plenty visible, as was her pelvic region.

“Still no nudes tho,” the hottie wrote, although the clip veered close to nude territory.

She also shared a QR code to link her fans to her Twitter instantly, claiming she was too inept at Twitter to find a better way to connect her two social media accounts.

Niece tied her long dark hair into a loose, high ponytail, leaving plenty of tendrils loose to frame her face. She also rocked her signature makeup look, including smoky eye makeup and pink lipstick.

Within two hours of going live, the model’s post racked up over 36,000 likes and greater than 600 comments. A few fans thought it was hilarious that she referred to the QR code as “robot braille” and let her know the correct terminology in her comments section. The majority of Niece’s many followers praised her fantastic body and her gorgeous smile.

“Oh my gosh you’re so frickin jaw dropping,” raved one user.

“Lady I love that smile more then any other part of the video,” gushed a second admirer.

Earlier on Wednesday, February 12, the vixen posted a sultry snap of herself taking a bubble bath, adding another humorous caption as she often does with her updates. She leaned across the banister, pressing her boobs together to create fantastic cleavage. It seems that she recorded the clip of herself either before or after the bathtub photo.

A few days ago, The Inquisitr reported that Niece had shared another racy pic of herself sporting a red halter bra with a buckle strap.