Donald Trump Blasts Michael Bloomberg's Results In New Hampshire Primary - But He Isn't On The Ballot There

Donald Trump took a shot at Michael Bloomberg on social media with a tweet that mocked the presidential hopeful for a bad showing in New Hampshire. The problem is, the New York City Democrat wasn't even on the ballot in the state.

As Mediaite reports, Trump tweeted his attack, saying "A very bad night for Mini Mike!"

He also went after other 2020 hopefuls following Andrew Yang and Michael Bennett's decision to drop their presidential bids.

"A lot of Democrat dropouts tonight, very low political I.Q.," he wrote.

It isn't clear if Trump knew that Bloomberg wasn't on the ballot, but other social media users began informing him that Bloomberg didn't have a poor showing -- because he wasn't on the ballot to begin with.

"Mike Bloomberg was not on the ballot in NH," White House reporter Jordyn Phelps replied to Trump's tweet.

Bloomberg is often the target of Trump's ire, and some social media users noted that it appears the president is frequently caught up in attacking the Democrat.

"Bloomberg is 30x richer than Trump but he's paying $0 to live in his head," wrote Dennis Mersereau.

"Trump seems weirdly obsessed with Bloomberg. The ex-mayor isn't even on the ballot in New Hampshire (he's only registered for primaries on Super Tuesday and beyond)," noted Chris Sommerfeldt.

The former New York City mayor apparently isn't afraid to fire back. He has previously commented on Trump's weight, health and wealth -- or lack there of -- in his campaign ads.

Most recently, as The Inquisitr reported previously, Bloomberg confirmed that he plans to make Trump's failings as a businessman the next focus of his attacks. Bloomberg told CBS that he sees Trump as a "promoter," rather than a real estate businessman. He also says that Trump isn't a billionaire, despite claims the president has made in the past.

In the newest attack ad, Bloomberg asserts that Trump has only ever been trying to "get the best deal for himself."

When asked why people would want to see a contest in which two billionaires attack each other, Bloomberg recently said "who's the second one?"

The New Hampshire primary was dominated by Sen. Bernie Sanders, who took the top spot. South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg secured a close second, with Senator Amy Klobuchar taking third and Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden trailing behind.