February 12, 2020
Retired NYPD Cop Says Woman Punched Him In The Face Over 'Make Fifty Great Again' Hat

A woman is being accused of punching a retired NYPD police officer over the hat he was wearing at a Nashville, Tennessee bar over the weekend, NY Daily News reports.

The ex-cop, Daniel Sprague -- who is originally from Staten Island, New York -- was in the city to celebrate turning 50 years old when things reportedly turned sour.

"A misguided soul possibly not alone, who I'm assuming was not very literate, spun me around, punch me in the face and grabbing my hat while she was yelling 'how dare you' leading me to think she thought it was a MAGA hat," the ex-cop detailed in a long Facebook post.

Sprague believes that the woman mistook the phrase on his hat, which said "Make Fifty Great Again," for President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again."

In the same post, the former NYPD police officer shared photos of the hat and his face, which was dripping with red blood from the alleged attack.

He told local news station WSMV that he thinks the woman might have had a ring on her finger or a set of keys in her hand because the cut on his face was very deep.

Sprague said that he wanted to press charges immediately, but the woman had left the bar. He said he filed an official report with the Nashville Police Department the following morning.

"I am awaiting to hear back from the Detectives on where they stand with the investigation," he wrote in the post.


Joining in the festivities alongside Sprague was his wife, who had planned and surprised him with the weekend trip, as well as some family members and friends.

Sprague said his wife had picked up several items of clothing in Nashville for him to wear, in addition to the "Make Fifty Great Again" red hat. That included a "Making America Great Since 1970" black shirt with an American flag behind the text.

This was not the first time Sprague had run into issues while on vacation with his family. On a trip to Mexico in 2012, Sprague, his wife and children were the victims of a robbery by corrupt police officers, as reported by CBS New York.

Despite the "unfortunate" incident, Sprague asserts he had fun celebrating his birthday and called it an "excellent b-day weekend."

The attack on the ex-police officer follows last week's shooting of an NYPD lieutenant by a lone gunman in the Bronx, per The Inquisitr.