Bri Teresi Poses With A Book In See-Through, Lacy Lingerie On Instagram

Bri Teresi attends GUESS Kicks-off Holiday Season at The Peppermint Club on November 07, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
Presley Ann / Getty Images

Famous Instagram face Bri Teresi offered up a bedtime story to her fans in a new post on her feed on Tuesday. In a series of photos, the bombshell babe posed with a paperback book as she rocked a completely see-through one-piece that left very little to the imagination.

The photos showed Bri sitting on top of some yellow luggage chests in a large, white room. Behind her, more of the same chests could be seen. It’s unclear exactly where the photo was taken, but Bri tagged the location as Hollywood, California. She posed with an old, yellowing book in her hands, but fans were likely focused on the babe’s outfit. Bri looked better than ever in her all-black, lacy one-piece.

Bri’s lingerie featured two thin pieces of fabric that ran over her breasts and sat on her shoulders, though they did little to actually cover anything. In addition to being completely sheer, the fabric barely contained her busty chest and allowed her sideboob and cleavage to spill out. The neckline plunged deep into Bri’s waist, which showed even more skin.

A horizontal panel of lace at the center of the lingerie hugged Bri’s flat, toned tummy closely and drew attention to her hourglass figure. The lower half of the one-piece featured a high thong cut that sat on her hips, which further emphasized her figure. Her long, lean legs were also on display.

Bri finished off the look with a pair of nude heels and giant, gold hoop earrings. She rocked a full face of makeup, including expertly contoured cheekbones, bright highlighter, thick lashes, and a light pink color on her full lips. Bri’s long, blond hair fell down her back in luscious waves.

In the first photo, Bri extended one leg and bent the other, which further accentuated the length of her pins. She leaned back on the chest and held the book out in front of her as she flashed a sultry gaze at the camera.

The second photo showed Bri sitting up with the book in her lap. She arched her back slightly to further flaunt her figure. Finally, in the third shot, Bri sat on her hip and stretched her body out with one hand running through her hair. She parted her lips for the camera and offered up more sultry eyes.

The post garnered more than 14,000 likes and just over 370 comments in under a day, proving to be a hit with her fans.

Bri always kills every look, whether it be swimwear or lingerie or workout gear. Earlier this week, she showed off a matching sports bra and leggings that did nothing but favors for her curves.